New Bruno Mars

Here are two new AWESOME songs from Bruno Mars. The first is called “Grenade” and features his solid vocals over a chill beat to send out a pretty interesting message. His past couple of songs have had very girl-related themes and this one is no exception, talking about how much he gave and cared and how she didn’t at all. I’ll be honest, I found myself singing along a little more intently than I usually do to songs.. so there’s that hah. Anyway, his other new one is “Liquor Store Blues” with a little more upbeat beat but still a pretty emotional message speaking to dealing with your sorrows through drinking and everything that goes with that. Both are great songs to just listen to and enjoy the music while appreciating the effort he put into the message for each of them. As a bonus, there’s a version of “Just the Way you Are” with a verse from Lupe Fiasco to start the song  and end it which I realllly like. Enjoy!!

Download: Grenade, Bruno Mars

Download: Liquor Store Blues, Bruno Mars

Download: Just the Way You Are, Bruno Mars ft. Lupe Fiasco


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