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The A2unes Weekly Update – 02.23.13

Feb 23: The Killers – Runaways [Indie Pop] / via. GMAD

Feb 22: Cris Cab – Little Talks (Of Monsters And Men Cover) [Reggae Pop] / via. GMAD

Feb 21: Mike Ponser – OSHFEST (feat. Blackbear) [Pop] / via.. GMAD

Feb 20: Icona Pop – Good For You [ElectroPop] / Via Soundcloud

Feb 20: Hoodie Allen – Crew Cuts (MIXTAPE) [Rap Pop] / via GMAD

Feb 19: WMNSTUDIES – Too Damn Dope For Me [Chill Electro] / via GMAD

Feb 18: Shwayze – Too High [Chill HipHop] / via GMAD

Feb 18: Gareth Emery – Meet Her In Miami [EDM] / via BeatHau5



The A2unes Weekly Update – 02.16.13

Feb 16: Y LUV – Keep It Rollin’ (Gazzo Remix) [Progressive] / via GMAD

Feb 15: Henrix – Miami Rising [EDM] / via. GMAD

Feb 15: dBerrie – Aquarius (feat. Tatiana Owens) (Vocal Mix) [Progressive] / via. GMAD

Feb 13: Daft Punk – Make Love (HLM Remix) [Smooth Electro] / via. GMAD

Feb 13: Rihanna feat Mikky Ekko – Stay (Them Jeans Remix) [Smooth Electro] / via SoundCloud

Feb 12: The Knocks – The Feeling (Dave Edwards Remix) [House] / via GMAD

Feb 11: Ra Ra Riot – Beta Love [Electro Indie] / Via GMAD

Feb 11: Hoodie Allen – Cake Boy [Hip Hop] / via. GMAD


The A2unes Weekly Update – 02.08.13

Feb 7: The Jane Doze – I Knew Lies Were Trouble [Dub-Indie Mashup] .. via GMAD

Feb 7: Lanterns – Gluestick [Acoustic Indie] … via Umstrum

Feb 7: The Kings Dead – The Reunion (feat. Sebastian Mikael) [Hip Hop] … via GMAD

Feb  6: Mammals – Move Slower (feat Flash Forest) [Folktronic] .. via GMAD

Feb 6: Mike Posner – The A-Team (Ed Sheeran Cover) [Pop/Indie] … via GMAD

Feb 5: Jackson Breit – In The Shade EP [Pop/Soul/Hip Hop] …via GMAD

Feb 3: Zeds Dead – Hot Sauce EP [Dubstep/Electro] …via Beathau5

Also this looks amazing…..

Wyclef Jean | Hip Hop

wyclef-jean-hip-hopToday I got to meet a true legend as I sat down in Wyclef Jean’s studio to listen to a few of his up coming  tracks, including his latest release called ‘Hip Hop’.  In this track it only makes sense that one of the most influential voices in hip hop recalls the past 20 years  in this very smooth ode to the genre.  Give it a listen and expect to see some more new Clef coming very soon.


Mike Posner | Ho Hey [Remix]


It’s been awhile since I felt like I could post something by Mike Posner but now with this cover of The Lumineers’s ‘Ho Hey’ I think he has definitely shown he is back with something real nice.  In this track he shows a little more depth in his voice and some great production… If you don’t already love the original to this I am sure you will love this remake.  Enjoy!

Holiday Haitus

Due to technical issues as well as being out of town I will not return until the new year when I have a shiny new computer and (hopefully) more free time… Happy Holidays to everyone and hopefully this song will give you some ideas if you don’t know what you want for Christmas yet…

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis x Mary Lambert | Same Love

The amazing thing about Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’s latest album, The Heist is that after one listen you will enjoy it.. but after 2 or 3 you will absolutely love it.  Off the bat you will fall in love with Ryan Lewis’s production and as you listen to Macklemore’s lyrics you will begin to appreciate the stories he tells in his songs.  He turns a track about Nike’s into SO much more than that, gives a real look into how it feels to relapse and then in the track that brought this whole post about… he gives a solid argument into why Marriage Equality should be a law everywhere.  Now, here (or anywhere for that matter) isn’t a place I like to talk about politics but I really think that everyone needs to hear this song… if not for the message but it is overall a very beautiful song as well.  Buy The Heist RIGHT HERE and check out the amazing video above.  Enjoy!

The Kings Dead | Sour Apple Rich Girls

19 hours until the release of ‘Jerusalem‘ by The Kings Dead and they give us one more treat to hold us over.  ‘Sour Apple Rich Girls’ is yet another great music/visual combo that shows you exactly what The Kings Dead is all about and why I am so excited for their next album…. real hip hop with a fresh sound/vibe that hasn’t been present in a lot of the new music that has been coming out recently.  Enjoy!

The Kings Dead | Ruby Red

Here is the second single from The Kings Dead which is due out on the 17th.   In case you don’t know this is The Deans List’s new side project… or new name…. ha  Either way I am really feeling the new sound

Hoodie Allen | Feel The Love

Hoodie is back with a brand new track to thank the fans for the great tour he just came off of.  Enjoy!

Download ‘Hoodie Allen  | Feel The Love’

KiD CuDi x King Chip | Just What Iam

Welp, the day has come…. After a stint in “Rock” KiD CuDi is back to the rap game with is great, CuDi produced track that will remind you why you fell in love with Cudder in the first place.  Teaming up with King Chip, formally known as Chip Tha Ripper, ‘Just What Iam’ is a great that is to be the first single off of  his upcoming album, indicud…. So Hype… Enjoy!

Hoodie Allen | Hey Now

Off of his first album for purchase, which hit #1 on iTunes, Hoodie is back with a brand new free track for everyone.  Called ‘Hey Now’ this track has a little more electro feel to it and even some slight trap influences to it.  A real nice showign from Mr. Allen (as always) and read more to see if he will be anywhere near you on his upcoming tour.  Enjoy!

Download ‘Hoodie Allen | Hey Now’

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Cj Trillo | Life

It looks like Sucka Free CJ may be swiching his name to CJ Trillo for his latest mixtape… different name or not, he still has the same sound that we have loved from his past two tapes.  On his latest track, ‘Life’ he samples Craft Spells’ “For The Ages” on a very smooth track that is getting me very excited to see what he will deliver on his next tape.  Enjoy!

Download ‘Cj Trillo | Life’

The Pro Letarians | Before The Snow

Off of The Pro Letarians’ last album, ‘Hello Forever’ here is a old track called ‘Before The Snow’.  This was resurfaced to me by J. Halso and once the Florence + the Machine sample started ringing in my head I couldn’t stop listening… great beat and great verses…. Enjoy!

Download ‘The Pro Letarians | Before The Snow”

XV | Popular Culture [Mixtape]

Its been awhile since I posted a hip hop album/mixtape, but of course I should count on the kid with the green backpack to deliver.  XV’s latest project titled ‘Popular Culture’ features amazing production and even better verses and makes me wonder if this is what he puts out on mixtapes, how great will his upcoming studio release gonna be?  preview a few of my fav tracks below but just grab the whole thing and experience some real hip hop.  Enjoy!

XV | Her Favorite Song ft. Raja (prod. by The Awesome Sound)

XV | Go On Without Me (prod. by D. Good & The Awesome Sound)

XV | Wonkavator ft. Emilio Rojas (prod. by The Awesome Sound)

XV | Aaahh! Real Monsters ft. ScHoolboy Q & B.o.B (prod. by The Awesome Sound)

Download ‘XV | Popular Culture [Mixtape]’