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Frank Ocean x Big Boi x Andre 3000 | Pink Matter [Remix]

imgresFrank Ocean to me is an artist that you need to be in the right mood for, but when you are in that mood his songs are just ‘the tits’.  Now we have Outkast Big Boi & Andre 3000 join his track Pink Matter and this is a great one from start to finish.  All three give great vocals and verses and even though they say this should not be considered an Outkast reunion, its still nice to head the ATL duo on the same track.   Enjoy!


Ellie Goulding x Xaphoon Jones | High For This (The Weeknd Cover)

Xaph and everyone’s favorite lady, Ellie team up to cover The Weeknd’s single, High For This.  This is a very smooth, R&B track that is clearly pretty different than your usual Ellie song, but its still pretty damn goood.   Enjoy!



The Weeknd x Paper Diamond | Same Old Song [Remix]

A few days ago I overloaded you guys with the full collection of mixtapes by The Weeknd [HERE] and now Paper Diamond decides to remix their his latest track, ‘Same Old Song’.  Taking some very smooth vocals and adding a pretty hard hitting electro beat this remix works perfectly and I think I would really enjoy hearing a lot more of this combo…. full mixtape????   Enjoy!

The Weeknd Trilogy

For most, avid music blog followers I am sure that The Weeknd is no new name to you, but if you don’t have any of his music yet… That needs to change…. This very talented artist out of Ontario has been taking the R&B music scene over by storm and I think its time he takes over A2unes.  Over the past year Abel Tesfaye has released 3 free mixtapes titled House of Balloons, Thursday, and his most recent release, Echoes of Silence which really got me into listening to The Weeknd again.  I have recently been caught up in the EDM scene and it wasn’t until I threw on these three tapes that I got to sit down and experience a VERY talented artist (and by no means am I saying that electro Djs are not talented artists..).  The production on these 27 tracks are top notch and with MTV saying that he is the “best musical talent since Michael Jackson” you know that the vocals will be amazing.  My fav from each album below and grab all three tapes NOW!   Enjoy!

Download ‘The Weeknd | House of Balloons [Mixtape]’

The Weeknd | The Morning

Download ‘The Weeknd | Thursday [Mixtape]’

The Weeknd x Drake | The Zone

Download ‘The Weeknd | Echoes Of Silence [Mixtape]

The Weeknd | D.D.

Rihanna x Calvin Harris | We Found Love

For Rihanna’s latest single she teams up with one of my favorite producers, Calvin Harris to create an instant club hit, ‘We Found Love’.  There really isn’t much to this track other than a great insturmental and some simple vocals, but thats all you need sometimes…   Enjoy!



Download ‘Rihanna x Calvin Harris | We Found Love’

The District | Be Alright

Just finished a chill day at the pool/beach (hence the chill post a few hours ago) and now the sun is going down so time to enjoy the weekend and luckily I just got a brand new track from The District called ‘Be Alright’.  This song is full of great vocals and a strong, bumping instrumental from start to finish.  I realllllly enjoy when the vocals kick in and could have used a little less of the straight electro beat, but I think that overall this is a great party track to get things started this weekend…. Enjoy!

Download ‘The District | Be Alright’

Pitbull x Chris Brown | International Love

I’ll be honest I am not a fan of Pitbull. He’s usually obnoxious and brings nothing that impresses me to a song and watching his hour music special on MTV almost made me sick. That being said I actually enjoyed his newest one called ‘International Love’ featuring Chris Brown. It’s got a nice upbeat tempo and features a great vocal chorus by Brown to really seal the song for me.
Download: ‘International Love’ | Pitbull x Chris Brown

IYAZ | Last Forever

Here’s another ready radio hit by IYAZ called ‘Last Forever’ that features a really catchy chorus with a nice uptempo beat. IYAZ has been dropping some good ones recently, such as my personal favorite ‘Pretty Girls’, and this one is no different, giving you a good song to get this summer started.
Download: ‘Last Forever’ | IYAZ

Akon | Burn That Bridge

Here’s one to slow everything down on a Monday night. Hopefully you guys got a chance to go outside and get crazy today with the nice weather finally rolling through. For those of you who did, and for those of you who had to work, here’s one to unwind to at the end of a long Monday. It’s called ‘Burn that Bridge’ and is a classic Akon song.. good beat, his… unique… sound, and some lyrics that are interesting to say the least. Either way, sit back, relax and enjoy one of his latest 2unes.

Download: ‘Burn That Bridge’ | Akon

IYAZ x Travie McCoy | Pretty Girls

This is an ABSOLUTE MUST DOWNLOAD. I literally just got done listening to this song on repeat for an hour straight while working out and absolutely love it. If you have ever downloaded anything from this site, download this song. If you thought Replay was good, this combo of IYAZ with JR and the addition of Travie McCoy is absolutely ridiculous. Download it now!!!

Download: ‘Pretty Girls’ | IYAZ x Travie McCoy 

Diggy x Bruno Mars | Click Clack Away

For those that watched Run’s House you may recognize the guy to the left… Might recognize him as little Diggy Simmons who has now started to make a name for himself as a rapper under just ‘Diggy’.  On ‘Click Clack Away’ he gets some help from Bruno Mars on this VERY catchy hook and sounds much more grown up sicne his frist mixtape, The First Flight and I can really say that this kid really might make quite a splash in the hip-hop scene.  Also don’t be surprised is we see a version of this song with Lupe on the verses because this (just like a lot of B.o.B’s songs) were actually meant to be originally for Lupe…. Enjoy!

Download ‘Diggy x Bruno Mars | Click Clack Away’

Omega x Akon | El Producto

Another artist sampling Akon… this time it’s Omega teaming up and creating a fun song with a good beat. It starts off with a feel like a Pitbull song but it quickly goes away and builds into a good song. I can’t really remember the last time Akon put out a quality solo, however if he keeps hopping on tracks I’ll be happy because they all seem to be good. Enjoy!

Download: ‘El Producto’ | Omega x Akon

Bei Maejor x J. Cole | Trouble

As many of you know we love Bei Maejor here at a2unes not only because he attend our alma mater but also because he is a very talented artist who produces great songs with a very finished feel. He’s already put out two great mixtapes, Upside Down and Upside Down 2 and this is his newest song which has the same great feel to it. It’s called ‘Trouble’ and features his smooth vocals and includes a good verse by J. Cole to really complement Bei and complete the song. Hope to keep hearing more from one of our favorites.

Download: ‘Trouble’ | Bei Maejor x J. Cole

Mateo | Get To Know Me

Mateo – Get To Know Me [Official Video] from Mateo on Vimeo.

Above is Mateo’s live version of ‘Get To Know Me’ which is a very moving song and has a video to match.  Below is a stream/download of the studio version off Mateo’s latest mixtape, Love & Stadiums.  Both are great versions… watch the video, grab the mp3… enjoy it!

Download ‘Mateo | Get To Know Me’

John Legend x Kenton Dunson | Rolling In The Deep [Kenton Dunson Remix]

A few days ago John Legend released an acapella version of Adele’s amazing single ‘Rolling In The Deep’ that was full of his soulful vocals…  Kenton Dunson decided to take those vocals and create an original instumental with strings, piano and percussion to throw over the Legend vocals and they sound great together.  Kenton also throws 2 very short verses on the track which bring the track together nicely, but I really comment him for the production on this track and at the very least.. John Legend is great on this as expected.  Enjoy!