This Blog is aimed at introducing you to new music daily in order to expand you musical tastes so we hope that you trust our suggestions and give everything a shot.



5 responses to “About

  1. Awesome site boys!! I love you for making moves like this!!


  2. Hey, I’m assuming you were referred to me by Joe?
    Yeah, I’d love to swap music with you guys.
    If you want to get in contact, you can get me at walrashish@gmail.com

    Peace, Nathan.

  3. How can I get you guys some music~

  4. Hey just stumbled upon your blog while searching Chiddy Bang…I run another music blog very similar to yours with much of the same types of music…would you be interested in exchanging blogrolls, and also to give each other a plug in a future post.

    Hit me back


  5. hey bro i saw you had one of my songs posted up here and thought id hit you up with my newest one: http://soundcloud.com/tenaciousdj/time-to-shake-that-eminem-x-black-eyed-peas
    thanks for the support!

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