Skrillex | Leaving EP

Skrillex_Leaving_ep-front-largeMy new computer is gonna be in my hands tomorrow but figured i needed to get one last post on the old comp before it totally dies.

To bring in the new year Skrillex put out a little 3 track mixtape which features 2 chiller tracks and one classic Skrill rager,  Pretty solid tape below and also scroll down further for a nice new years present

Download ‘Skrillex | Leaving EP’  

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Here is a list of the Top 100 EDM tracks per BeatHau5 with links.   ENJOY!


Holiday Haitus

Due to technical issues as well as being out of town I will not return until the new year when I have a shiny new computer and (hopefully) more free time… Happy Holidays to everyone and hopefully this song will give you some ideas if you don’t know what you want for Christmas yet…

Dirty South & Michael Brun | Rift

To start the week here is a brand new trance jam from one of my favorites .. Dirty South.  This time teaming up with Michael Brun to create ‘Rift’ which is just a lovely track that has all the aspects of a nice EDM track… smooth trance bridges between heavy hitting electro drops…. The stream is just the radio rip but don’t worry, the link takes you to the full version.  Enjoy!

Download ‘Dirty South & Michael Brun | Rift’

Youngblood Hawke | We Come Running (RAC Mix)

What is this turning into… a RAC blog?   Well I can’t really help it that a week after releasing their latest album, Chapter One that a brand new remix hits the interwebz… and its AMAZING.  In this latest mix, André Allen Anjos takes We Come Running by Youngblood Hawke and creates a  perfect indie electro track…. emphasis on the ‘electro’ on this one.    Enjoy!

Kaskade vs. Albin Myers | Don’t Stop Hells Bells (Kaskade Mash Up)

I heard this mash up in Kaskade’s mix from Coachella and now he releases the single track which is just as amazing.  It may be very simple but takes my favorite track by AlbinMyers (Hells Bells) and throws over some classic Kaskade vocals…. Enjoy!

RAC | Chapter One

After more than two weeks I am out of FL and now getting settled up in NYC and finally got some Internets so can get back to giving you all some new music.  That being said, one of my most anticipated albums to be released during this time was RAC’s first iTunes release, which was called ‘Chapter One’ (out of 100 hopefully….) which was released last week.  This is mainly just a compilation of their best remixes but there is plenty of great music on this 17 track album that you may not have heard yet, 13 of which are available for free download on Soundcloud (HERE).  Stream everything, download most of the tracks and purchase the album if you like what you hear… I’m sure you will.   Enjoy!

Buy ‘RAC | Chapter One’ from iTunes

Ben Howard | The Fear (Moonlight Matters Rework)

As I continue to pack for my move to NYC and then start my drive cross country posts will continue to be spotty but once I get up there and get internet I will be back at it… until then I will try my best to keep some good new sounds on the site and I think I found a great one today.  Moonlight Matter adds some more body to Ben Howard’s amazing acoustic track, The Fear, and picks up the tempo in this great remix that is sure to get you singing along to.  Also, you may remember Ben Howard from his amazing cover of Call Me Maybe,   HERE.  Enjoy!

DJ Khaled x Drake | I’m On One (Unicorn Kid STADIUM mix)

I never thought a Drake song could get turned into a feel-good, beach track, but I guess that’s why we have Unicorn Kid out there.  Just like the first post I did of UK for his track ‘Boys of Paradise‘, this remix is full of ‘Koopa Island’ electro/syth sounds and is just a great feel good track that is perfect for driving around in the sun with the windows down (Which I can only do for 2 more weeks while I’m still down here in FL).   Enjoy!

Sub Focus x Alpines | Tidal Wave

Perfect mix of Drum and Bass and House….

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis x Mary Lambert | Same Love

The amazing thing about Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’s latest album, The Heist is that after one listen you will enjoy it.. but after 2 or 3 you will absolutely love it.  Off the bat you will fall in love with Ryan Lewis’s production and as you listen to Macklemore’s lyrics you will begin to appreciate the stories he tells in his songs.  He turns a track about Nike’s into SO much more than that, gives a real look into how it feels to relapse and then in the track that brought this whole post about… he gives a solid argument into why Marriage Equality should be a law everywhere.  Now, here (or anywhere for that matter) isn’t a place I like to talk about politics but I really think that everyone needs to hear this song… if not for the message but it is overall a very beautiful song as well.  Buy The Heist RIGHT HERE and check out the amazing video above.  Enjoy!

Cris Cab | RISE EP

Back in January Cris Cab released his breakthrough mixtape, Echo Boom which became an instant summer classic, in my book.  He is now back with a brand new EP called RISE that packs a pretty large punch for only being 5 tracks by featuring Wyclef Jean and Big Sean as well as a great showing by Cris, himself.  The full version is available on iTunes for $5 but he gives up 3 tracks for free stream and 2 of them for free download; one of which is my favorite off the EP (Paradise On Earth).   Listen and grab the free ones below and head to iTunes to get the full EP.   Enjoy!

Download ‘Cris Cab | RISE EP [iTunes]’

Edward Sharpe | Home (Whole-Z Remix)

Moving back to AA in 3 weeks after 17 months in Florida (which is a reason I haven’t posted in a week) so I thought it would only be fitting to post a remix to “Home”.  Edward Sharpe’s original had the most catchy whistling and overall a very addicting track and now with this lil revamp by Whole-Z, it is def one you will be playing more than once. Enjoy!

Download ‘Edward Sharpe | Home (Whole-Z Remix)’

Dirty South & Alesso | City Of Dreams [Piano Cover]

Damn, this is good….

Sneaky Sound System | Big (Oliver Remix)

In January I posted my favorite track from Sammy Adam’s last mixtape, Into The Wild which I recently found out it was sampled (surprise surprise) from a very good track called ‘Big’, by Sneaky Sound System.  Featuring nice piano, a smooth synth line and nice vocals this is a great track to just throw on and vibe to.   Enjoy!

Cherub | Doses and Mimosas [Visuals]

I just stumbled on Cherub’s video of Doses and Mimosas and realized that  I really haven’t posted much from this amazing duo.  I posted ‘Dirty Cockroaches‘ almost 6 months ago which is still probably my favorite track by them but that isn’t to say that their other 19 tracks aren’t as great. Featuring a very unique sound with falsetto vocals and funky beats this group is a breath of fresh air to the music scene.  Listen to Doses and Mimosas above and just grab both of there albums HERE