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The New A2unes… Thank You for the Old

First off I would like to thank everyone that has supported A2unes over these past 5 years.  Since day one I have been trying to supply the best music out to anyone who was willing to listen and I don’t want that to end.  That being said, much has changed in my life over these years (graduated college, worked for 2 different companies, and lived in 4 different states) and  I think it is time things change on the site as well.  From now on A2unes will no longer be a medium for daily posts but more or less I will use its FacebookTwitter, and SoundCloud platforms to keep up a makeshift “Personal HypeM” where I will pull songs from my favorite blogs and repost their write up so you can go grab the song there, because truthfully I think it’s about time I give these blogs the credit they deserve.  For those who may have actually enjoyed my write ups I will continue writing for GoodMusicAllDay so please head over there and check out my posts, and of course I will be sharing everything I write on GMAD to the A2unes FacebookTwitter, and SoundCloud (So please go subscribe to one or all of those so that you can continue getting my favorite music out).  Every Friday I will have a weekly summary post that will list out everything I found that week and links to the original blogs so you can go get the tracks before the weekend (if for some reason you missed them throughout the week).

This is by no means an attempt to stop blogging for everyone because there is nothing I enjoy more than hearing how much you love a song I shared with you; but actually an attempt to focus MORE on finding new music because now that I am New York City I am surrounded by more music than I ever have been in my life.  Focusing 100% on GMAD will allow my taste to reach more people and allow that great blog to grow and by using A2unes as more-or-less a laundry list of songs to get I can provide you with a wider variety of music and expose you to the many other great blogs that are out there.   That being said, this format of music delivery will be new for me (as well as for you) so please Follow my FacebookTwitter, and/or Soundcloud to get the new posts and provide any suggestions you may have to make this work for you guys as well as myself.  This will be “Sticky” at the top of the blog for a few weeks so please scroll down to get the weekly re-cap posts and if you want to get daily updates follow me on FacebookTwitter, and SoundCloud.

Once again, a HUGE thank you to everyone that has visited; you have allowed me to do something I truly enjoy and hopefully I will continue to enjoy it for years to come.

Adios A2unes


Sub Focus x Alpines | Tidal Wave

Perfect mix of Drum and Bass and House….

The Kings Dead | Jerusalem

As promised, here is the debut tape from The Kings Dead.. Jerusalem.  I was gonna call this the 4th mixtape from The Dean’s List but within 10 seconds you will know that with the name change, they have also really changed their vibe… and I am really enjoying it.  Dropping the Band Perry samples and replacing it with deeper, darker beats with more mature lyrics this album may not be one you will bump at your next party but it will be something you throw on in the car and just ride to.  Not saying I wouldn’t enjoy hearing more “Dean’s List sounding” tracks in the future, bot for right now this is a fresh new sound that I am glad to hear.   Enjoy!

Download ‘The Kings Dead | Jerusalem’

Download ‘The Kings Dead | Jerusalem’

Work Hard, Play Hard: UMICH

Lets try that again… ha….. Week 2 of Michigan Football!

The UMF Experience #CanUFeelIt

After a nice weekend catching Kaskade in Tampa which will probably be the last electro show of the year for me I think its only fitting that UMF releases their highly acclaimed documentary, The UMF Experience.  This hour long film gives you a unique look into the festival and everything that makes this one of the best music experiences around.   Enjoy!

Electric Daisy Live Sets

Welp, just got back to FL from my trip up to enjoy the Electric Daisy Carnival up in NYC so you know I ha to head straight over to Dangly Tunes to grab some of the great live sets that I heard up there…  Since I only hit Saturday, that is all I’m giving you guys buy gead over to DT for Day 1 and Day 3 tracks….. Be sure to grab Alesso, Cazzette, Calvin Harris, and Gareth Emery!


Michael Woods – DOWNLOAD LINK




Calvin Harris – DOWNLOAD LINK

Sebastian Ingrosso – DOWNLOAD LINK



ASOT Invasion

Sied van Riel – DOWNLOAD LINK



Jochen Miller – DOWNLOAD LINK

John O’Callaghan – DOWNLOAD LINK

Gareth Emery – DOWNLOAD LINK

Markus Schulz – DOWNLOAD LINK


Armin van Buuren – DOWNLOAD LINK

A Few Good Songs…

Well my hard drive doesn’t seem to want to work so I have been hard pressed for music but want to get somethign up for you guys since it’s been awhile (and I will be leaving for NYC this weekend and not back til Monday).  That being said, here is just a laundry list of some solid tracks… some free… some not…. all enjoyable!

Matisyahu | Sunshine

Matisyahu is back with a brand new song called Sunshine, off of his upcoming album, Spark Seeking.  Its got a real feel good sound to it and is pretty catchy…. Only available for free for 48 hours so get it now! Also.. did he get a haircut?!

Download ‘Matisyahu | Sunshine’

Buy ‘Matisyahu | Sunshine’

Cherub | Dirty Cockroaches

Here we have a track that has been coming up a lot on my iPod and every time I can’t help but sing along to it…  From Cherub, ‘Dirty Cockroaches’ is a funky indie track that is something different than that you are probably used to.  This track is off of their latest FreEP called Man Of The Hour, so if you like what you hear.. but grab the full 8 track EP below.  Enjoy!

Download the full Man Of The Hour EP HERE

Electro Catch-Up

Time for the largest electro catch up to date…. Enjoy!

Oh ya…. Go Blue!

Buy ‘Jack Back feat. David Guetta, Nicky Romero & Sia | Wild One Two (Original Mix)’

Download ‘Whitney Houston | How Will I Know (Van Hooft & Forever Kid Remix)’

Buy ‘BeatauCue | Kiho (Original Mix)’

Down arrow to Download ‘Avicii & Pixel Cheese Feat. Deborah Cox | Leave The World Behind (Jeff Mulhall & Jay Scott Bootleg’

Down arrow to Download ‘Roger Sanchez vs. ID | Lost ID (Pixel Cheese Swedelicious Bootleg)’

Buy ‘Fareoh | Facepaint (Original Mix)’

Yonas- Pumped Up Kicks

First time posting in close to a million years. Saw this, loved it. Enjoy.




Happy 2012!

Okay Guys…. The holidays are over and its time to get back to giving you guys music.   That being said, I promise that this will be the last time I am MIA for 2 weeks and I really appreciate everyone that continued to check back and support the site even with a lack of posts.   I also promise that this will be the last time you hear Levels by Avicii in a mash-up but I figured that if you are trying to sum up 2011 into one song… I can let it slide that you included the most used song in a mash-up of 2011…  Along with Levels, The Metamorphosis uses 15 other tracks from 2011 in their mash of the top tracks of 2011 (read more to see the full list).  Tomorrow I will  be back with a large post of everything I missed over the holiday’s… Enjoy and Happy New Years!

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Glass Harp | Sugar Plum Fairy

Time to get into the Holiday spirit…. expect more holiday tracks in the next week…. Enjoy!

Passion Pit | Sleepyhead (Le Chev Remix)

I can’t explain how bad I want some new Passion Pit…. but until that magical day comes Ill take a remix to their smash single, Sleepyhead.  This Le Chev remix has a real funky feel to it that will be sure to get you in a  good mood…. Enjoy and GO TIGERS!

Download ‘Passion Pit | Sleepyhead (Le Chev Remix)’

Capital Cities | Safe and Sound (Extended Edit)

Well how do you make an already mind-blowing track better?  How about add another minute of musical glory to it?  Well that is exactly what happened to my current favorite track, Safe and Sound by Capital Cities…  Adding a nice little intro to the track to build what is to come, this new mix may not be that different from the original but I do enjoy being able to jam to it for an extra minute before hitting repeat…  Enjoy!

Download ‘Capital Cities | Safe and Sound (Extended Edit)’