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The A2unes Weekly Update – 02.16.13

Feb 16: Y LUV – Keep It Rollin’ (Gazzo Remix) [Progressive] / via GMAD

Feb 15: Henrix – Miami Rising [EDM] / via. GMAD

Feb 15: dBerrie – Aquarius (feat. Tatiana Owens) (Vocal Mix) [Progressive] / via. GMAD

Feb 13: Daft Punk – Make Love (HLM Remix) [Smooth Electro] / via. GMAD

Feb 13: Rihanna feat Mikky Ekko – Stay (Them Jeans Remix) [Smooth Electro] / via SoundCloud

Feb 12: The Knocks – The Feeling (Dave Edwards Remix) [House] / via GMAD

Feb 11: Ra Ra Riot – Beta Love [Electro Indie] / Via GMAD

Feb 11: Hoodie Allen – Cake Boy [Hip Hop] / via. GMAD



Katy Perry | Part of Me: REMIXES

Last week Milkman and Sex Ray Vision both released new remixes to Katy Perry’s latest track, Part of Me.  Truthfully both remixes are pretty damn good, with Sex Ray maybe having a slight leg up with the use of the ‘Avicii-esk’ synth/paino.   What one do you like better?


Katy Perry | Part Of Me (Sex Ray Vision Remix)

Katy Parry | Part Of Me (Milkman Remix)

Avicii (?) – ID2 (Untitled) (Who Knows)

Full disclaimer: I have no idea if this is Avicii or not. I have no idea if it’s called ID2 but we’ll roll with it because other blogs are doing it and we’re followers here at a2unes, not innovators. It’s making the blog rounds right now and the rumor has it that Avicii is closing all his sets with this masterpiece and it definitely sounds exactly like an Avicii jam, with the rousing backbeat, the electrifying keyboard and synth lines that only Avicii can pull off so well, and a concise, electric sound. This will definitely get a party hopping, even if its only 2:40 in its present iteration. You can be sure more info will come out about this absolute JAM in the next few days as it lights up the internet and the club scene, but for now get it to listen to while you pre-game for the weekend and the epic MSU-UM football game on Saturday.

Download ID2 (Maybe)

The Script | For The First Time (8Barz Remix)

Ever since Breakeven I have really enjoyed The Script and whenevre I see them sampled or remixed, I get pretty excited (see: The Dean’s List – Vally Girl).  They latest single, For The First Time is a song about hard times and originally had a slow and pretty balled’ish sound… and now 8Barz gets a hold fo it and turns it into a great dance track.  They speed up the vocals, add a nice bass and electro beat and the product is something that you need to play while you pregame tonight… ENJOY!

BENZI | Moodswing360 x Oakley | SXSW Mixtape

Just like Zid said in the last post it is the weekend and around here we call the weekend before St. Patrick’s Day, St. Practice Day because for those that are “out of shape” from midterms, they need to practice (with a good amount of drinking) in order to get their tolerance ready for the Real Deal on teh 17th.  Anyone that has been tuning into A2unes for awhile now should be no stranger to Benzi and the amazing party mixes he makes (’10 Summer, ’09 Summer, ’10 St Patties).  A few days ago he releaased his latest, 30 track, contimuous party mix called the SXSW Mixtape and it holds true to his other 3 tapes.  This one starts off strong with songs from The Cataracs, LMFAO, and Far East Movement and then kinda dies down in the middle and pickes up up for a banging endign with mixes to Kelley James, Cisco Adler, Shwayze, Martin Solveig & Dragonette and Mike Posner.  Real solid hour of music so you cna stream it all below, hit the jump for the tracklist and jsut DL the whole thing and play at your next party! Enjoy!

TRACKED OUT VERSION(30 tracks with artwork)
IPOD PARTY VERSION(1 big mp3 with tracklisting embedded)

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Sean Kingston x Nicki Minaj | Letting Go (Dutty Love) [Jump Smokers Remix]

Earlier today I said that I have been in a pretty wierd mood when it comes to music latley…. and to just give you an idea of what that means it means I have pretty much has my whole RAC library mixed with mywhole Jump Smokers libray on schuffle.  One is great electrol indie music.. other are high energy club remixes…. I duno…  But enough about me… Here is Jump Smokers remix to Letting Go which is just so dman good.  High energy… the song changes pace with the lyrics… fits perfect with Kingston and Minaj… I really cant say any more than grab the song below and check out their full library here.  Allright.. time to bump this song and hit some bars!

Download ‘Sean Kingston x Nicki Minaj | Letting Go (Dutty Love) [Jump Smokers Remix]’ [Right-Click –> Save As]

Tiësto | Young Lions

In celebration of Tiësto getting 7 million ‘Like’s on the book (yes.. thats 7,000,000) he released an 8 minute House/progressive banger (ha.. i don’t say banger much now that I look at it).  There are no words, its real fast pace, and pretty much the epitome of ‘house’ .  May not be for everyone but its not often we get free music from such big names as Tiësto so thought I would spread it to you all.. and hey! if you like it go and Like him on Facebook… who knows what we will get when he gets 7 billion likes?!?!  Also.. be sure to ‘Like’ A2unes and we will be sure to give everyone something life changing when we reach 7 million!  ha… Enjoy!

Download ‘Tiësto | Young Lions’

GoodMusicAllDay X CollegeFest | Dusk to Dawn Party Mixtape

Here at U of M spring beak hits a little earlier than others… so to get the party started for everyone that is on break right now (before all the real partys start) here is a little mixtape that I put together with the rest of the GMAD crew for CollegeFest to get the party started.  Has songs from Martin Solveig & Dragonette, Ke$ha, La Roux, The White Panda, MGMT and many more.  Fo those still in class.. no reason to not party tonight.. it tis the weekend!  Enjoy!

Silver Medallion – Slave (The Girls Can Hear Us Remix)

The White Panda – Stereo Hands

Alex Gaudïno – I’m In Love (I Wanna Do It) (Kurd Maverick Remix)

Download ‘GoodMusicAllDay X CollegeFest | Dusk to Dawn Party Mixtape’

Brenton Duvall | Blow The Skrilla (Too $hort)

You ever heard Too $hort and been like, “Man this dude has a ridiculous name, do you say it Too Money-hort or Too Dollar-sign-hort or Too Money-Short or Too This-is-a-Goddamn-Retarded-Name?” That’s what usually happens when I try to tell people I’m listening to Too Short. When I tell people I’m listening to Skrillex they’re usually all “Its great to meet a fellow rager!” and we exchange white people high fives before we hitch up our pants and continue playing flip cup. But then theres Brenton Duvall. This man can bring together the homies from the block slanging to mid-90s Too $hort bangers with your favorite Delta Chi ragers to give both crowds a jam they can freak to, creating a party scene that frightens most everyone over the age of 40.

Brenton Duvall is a remix/mashup/song creating genius. The kid sits down with some basic software, an MPC, a keyboard, a mixer, and a Polo v-neck sweater and just throws DOWN on you fools. This latest one is right in line with what we know to be Duvall’s nasty streak of pure bangers, so CHECK it, fool.

Download Blow The Skrilla (Too $hort)

Hang With Me!

Just saw that this made DailyTunez‘ list of top remixes of the year, and rightfully so.   It is a damn good mix and I am going to throw it up here in honor of my two boys down in South America and one at the southernmost point in the continental US… I couldn’t go out without hearing this song blasting from their speakers.. and it always got me ready for a Loko night… and hopefully it will do the same for you… Enjoy!

Download Robyn, Hang With Me (Avicii’s Club Mix)


Sooo… I have had computer problems that arn’t even solved yet…. soo… I will try and post something while I can….  Here, Busta Rhymes throws some vocals over Tiesto and Diplo’s collab known as C’mon.   Bare bones, this of course will have a great beat when two of my favorite producers are at it.. but then Busta really does a great job by adding some solid lyrics…. Enjoy!


Mind My Techno

I’ve been feeling techno a little more than usual and have been listening to some light stuff to get pumped up in general. Here’s one that’s right down my alley (not too techno) called Lose My Mind by Timeflies. Has more of an electro beat that’s that features some rap throughout the song.  This is a rap song with a techno beat and not the opposite so I think most of you will enjoy it. It definitely gets catchy after the first couple of listens and will certainly get you bumpin.

Download: Lose My Mind, Timeflies


Samantha Marq (Ft. Dev) – “I Like To Party (The Cataracs Remix)”

The Cataracs and Dev, the combo behind blog favorite and party smash Bass Down Low, combine to remix Samantha Marq’s I Like To Party. Marq is a typical Ke$ha wannabe, a blonde party girl who sings techno-pop with an edge to it that usually uses really cookie cutter beats and the lyrical abilities of a 10 year old. The Cataracs put this song over the top, giving us a thumping electro beat with a distinct bassline and drum claps that’ll definitely get you moving. This has party playlist written all over it, the beat is infectious and the chorus is nice – although check the first time it comes on, anyone else think of that ‘peel the banana’ warmup game for acting/singing?

Download I Like To Party (The Cataracs Remix)

We R Who We Techno

Spotted this one over at Sound Above the Seal and surprisingly really liked it. It’s a remix of Ke$ha’s ‘We R Who We R’ by Liam Keegan and features a little more of a techno-club beat. I’m posting this because I like the original and think this gives it a different feel, but also because I have this memory of Biz blasting (and I mean BLASTING) girly techno the last time we were pregaming in AA and I get the feeling he’ll be adding this one to the list. So for all of you out there who like to blast girly techno and somehow avoid the neighbors calling the cops, this one’s for you! Enjoy!

Download: We R Who We R (Remix), Liam Keegan


Boy ever since i got a job I sure do live for the weekend…. Saw this over at TSIS and gave it a listen and figred it was perfect for the weekend.  A nice electro/techno beat with random ‘The Hangover’ sound bits thrown in.   Some how works and will be perfect for you guys out there with a nice, bass heavy system.  ENJOY and see you out!

DJ Shares – Disco Hangover