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The A2unes Weekly Update – 02.16.13

Feb 16: Y LUV – Keep It Rollin’ (Gazzo Remix) [Progressive] / via GMAD

Feb 15: Henrix – Miami Rising [EDM] / via. GMAD

Feb 15: dBerrie – Aquarius (feat. Tatiana Owens) (Vocal Mix) [Progressive] / via. GMAD

Feb 13: Daft Punk – Make Love (HLM Remix) [Smooth Electro] / via. GMAD

Feb 13: Rihanna feat Mikky Ekko – Stay (Them Jeans Remix) [Smooth Electro] / via SoundCloud

Feb 12: The Knocks – The Feeling (Dave Edwards Remix) [House] / via GMAD

Feb 11: Ra Ra Riot – Beta Love [Electro Indie] / Via GMAD

Feb 11: Hoodie Allen – Cake Boy [Hip Hop] / via. GMAD



Frank Ocean x Big Boi x Andre 3000 | Pink Matter [Remix]

imgresFrank Ocean to me is an artist that you need to be in the right mood for, but when you are in that mood his songs are just ‘the tits’.  Now we have Outkast Big Boi & Andre 3000 join his track Pink Matter and this is a great one from start to finish.  All three give great vocals and verses and even though they say this should not be considered an Outkast reunion, its still nice to head the ATL duo on the same track.   Enjoy!

2AM Club x Big Sean x Dev | Mary

Its been awhile since we got something new from 2Am Club but now they are back with a brand new track called Mary.  Teaming up with Big Sean and Dev (who kinda sounds like MIA on this one) they create a very catchy ode to everyone’s favorite lady… Mary (Jane).  Enjoy!

Download ‘2AM Club x Big Sean x Dev | Mary’

Dem Digiorno Boyz – Toastaway

Ann Arbor’s own Dem Digiorno Boyz dropped off the video to their latest single “Toastaway” this morning. It’s a remix to Kanye West’s single “Runaway” with a humorous tilt: It’s about toast. Breakfast toast. Enjoy this video and look out for more from Dem Digiorno Boyz soon!

Jason Aldean x Ludacris | Dirt Road Anthem Remix

I haven’t posted in quite some time and it’s definitely going to be sporadic over the next couple of months with my schedule getting real busy. However, at the end of the day I always hear new songs that I like to share, whether they be mainstream or not, and this is definitely one of those that I’ve been blasting nonstop. My buddy Dan introduced me to this one with his Tennessee roots and it’s been PERFECT for jamming to on the weekends, whether I’m chilling or partying. Enjoy!


IYAZ | Last Forever

Here’s another ready radio hit by IYAZ called ‘Last Forever’ that features a really catchy chorus with a nice uptempo beat. IYAZ has been dropping some good ones recently, such as my personal favorite ‘Pretty Girls’, and this one is no different, giving you a good song to get this summer started.
Download: ‘Last Forever’ | IYAZ

KiD CuDi x Dot Da Genius | Perfect Is The Word

Anyone that has followed A2unes… and even the blog before A2unes (anyone remember that name? gets a free ice cream cone from Washtenaw Dairy) knows we have been supporting KiD CuDi since day one.  Over the past few years he has constantly changing his sound and I have really liked the majority of what came out… that being said, here is the latest single from Cudder that is to be off his next album that was going to be a rock album.. but now i just know its going to be a different genre than the past few albums…  Called ‘Perfect Is The Word’, this track is a little less than 3 mins long leading me to think this probably isn’t the final version off this song but this is probably the sound we should expect for this album…. disappointed?  kinda…. intrigued?  quite…..

Download ‘KiD CuDi x Dot Da Genius | Perfect Is The Word’

Joe Reynolds x Jack Kennedy | Open Your Eyes

This post is one of the more interesting one’s I’ve put on in a while. It’s by the duo of Joe Reynolds and Jack Kennedy who both happen to play football for the University of Michigan that both Haas and I were lucky enough to graduate from. Much like Loggy, who plays for Cal, these guys are pretty impressive (although not as finished of a product as Loggy) and what makes it even more impressive is that they basically have a full time job while trying to be college students. I’d heard of Jack Kennedy when we used to blast ‘Lost Love’ Senior year on Hoover Street but now with the addition of Joe Reynolds and his Bruno Mars-like sound they’ve really formed a nice duo. This is their original ‘Open Your Eyes’ which has a great sound to it despite the fact that it wasn’t produced by a professional. This is truly music at its finest, just two guys doing music because they love it (remind you of anyone….with a website…. cough cough). Anyway, give’m a listen and if you like it, Like’m! Enjoy!

Download: Open Your Eyes | Joe Reynolds x Jack Kennedy

Cisco Adler x Lil Jon x Dirt Nasty | Spring Break Lover

Well Spring Break is coming (and going for those at U of M) but I know everyone’s getting hyped up about going somewhere nice and getting away from everything, whether it be work or school. I know I’m looking forward to a Cancun vacation in two weeks and it can’t get here soon enough. This song is perfect for getting you ready for spring break and is called ‘Spring Break Lover.’ The majority of it features Cisco Adler with some calming vocals with the occasional yelling from Lil Jon and a nice verse by Dirt Nasty. Shout outs to Haas who posted this over at GMAD, but I just couldn’t resist. Enjoy!

Download: ‘Spring Break Lover’ | Cisco Adler x Lil Jon x Dirt Nasty

BENZI | Moodswing360 x Oakley | SXSW Mixtape

Just like Zid said in the last post it is the weekend and around here we call the weekend before St. Patrick’s Day, St. Practice Day because for those that are “out of shape” from midterms, they need to practice (with a good amount of drinking) in order to get their tolerance ready for the Real Deal on teh 17th.  Anyone that has been tuning into A2unes for awhile now should be no stranger to Benzi and the amazing party mixes he makes (’10 Summer, ’09 Summer, ’10 St Patties).  A few days ago he releaased his latest, 30 track, contimuous party mix called the SXSW Mixtape and it holds true to his other 3 tapes.  This one starts off strong with songs from The Cataracs, LMFAO, and Far East Movement and then kinda dies down in the middle and pickes up up for a banging endign with mixes to Kelley James, Cisco Adler, Shwayze, Martin Solveig & Dragonette and Mike Posner.  Real solid hour of music so you cna stream it all below, hit the jump for the tracklist and jsut DL the whole thing and play at your next party! Enjoy!

TRACKED OUT VERSION(30 tracks with artwork)
IPOD PARTY VERSION(1 big mp3 with tracklisting embedded)

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Brenton Duvall | Blow The Skrilla (Too $hort)

You ever heard Too $hort and been like, “Man this dude has a ridiculous name, do you say it Too Money-hort or Too Dollar-sign-hort or Too Money-Short or Too This-is-a-Goddamn-Retarded-Name?” That’s what usually happens when I try to tell people I’m listening to Too Short. When I tell people I’m listening to Skrillex they’re usually all “Its great to meet a fellow rager!” and we exchange white people high fives before we hitch up our pants and continue playing flip cup. But then theres Brenton Duvall. This man can bring together the homies from the block slanging to mid-90s Too $hort bangers with your favorite Delta Chi ragers to give both crowds a jam they can freak to, creating a party scene that frightens most everyone over the age of 40.

Brenton Duvall is a remix/mashup/song creating genius. The kid sits down with some basic software, an MPC, a keyboard, a mixer, and a Polo v-neck sweater and just throws DOWN on you fools. This latest one is right in line with what we know to be Duvall’s nasty streak of pure bangers, so CHECK it, fool.

Download Blow The Skrilla (Too $hort)

Mashup Monday | Ellie Goulding vs. Wiz Khalifa ( Dj Fergie Ferg Mashup) | Don’t Have Much Money

I really like this mash which DJ Fergie Ferg did an awesome job with, combining two of my favorite artists to create ‘Don’t Have Much Money.’ As opposed to most Wiz Khalifa mashups which feature really upbeat tempos and heavy rap, this one kind of chills down the original Wiz song. The beat and chorus from Ellie match up perfectly with the smooth verses form Wiz and really enhance both songs, coming together for what is a very impressive mashup. From start to finish you stay hooked and can’t help but replay the song after you’re done listening. Enjoy!

Download | Don’t Have Much Money | Ellie Goulding x Wiz Khalifa (DJ Fergie Ferg)

University of Michigan | Pursuit of Jappiness

I spent 4 years at University of Michigan… Had to post this… Enough said…

ZAK! | Give Me The World

You see the lineup for this Hoodie Allen show in Ann Arbor?? Hoodie, The Hop, and ZAK! Oh, you’ve never heard of ZAK!? Is he a DJ? A rapper? Possibly some kind of cook or shaman? I’m not gonna rule out those options, but he’s definitely a dope rapper as well. I checked out a couple tracks from his mixtape the other day in anticipation of seeing him live, and I was definitely pleasantly surprised.

Give Me The World has a sick hook, with a hard, driving beat over a nice little piano line. ZAK!’s lyrics and flow are much better than you’d think – dude can actually put together a good verse, with some goofy metaphors and a Hungry, Hungry Hippos reference. This dude is legit, if you want more check out his mixtape “Stuck to the Sidewalk”, and be sure to go check him out in concert this weekend. Tickets are just ten bucks now! Check the post before this one for ticket info.

Download ‘ZAK! | Give Me The World’

Read More to Stream the whole Mixtape

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Wiz Khalifa | Roll Up x On My Level

Wiz Khalifa releases the second single off his March album, Rolling Papers, called – surprise, surprise – “Roll Up”. Stargate produced this number, which means it could go one of like six ways, as Stargate has had their hand in a whole bunch of top ten hits, including “What’s My Name”, “With You”, “Firework”, every Ne-Yo hit ever, and “Black and Yellow”. (Which one of these is not like the others?) Black and Yellow was a real departure from the norm for these guys, and showed they could really deliver that hood rat shit that’ll still get teenage girls going all crazy OMG. Naturally, Wiz hooked up with them for the second single off his new album, looking for more of that radio magic.

This future hit, called Roll Up, is about weed no wait its not? Its about a girl, which is defintely not Wiz’s typical track topic, but I don’t care, this shit is fire and Wiz kills the hook over a poppier beat than Black and Yellow that still has a heavy bass line and some dope synth lines. Wiz kills the verses with his nice and smooth flow, fitting it perfectly over the uplifting, smooth beat to just give you the smoothest smoothington song out right now. I hit a block and couldn’t think of any synonyms for smooth, fuck you very much. Also, I swear there’s periodic noises in this track that sound like my new message notifier on Gchat.

For the second helping of Wiz singles there’s another track rumored to be on Rolling Papers – On My Level, with Too $hort, which feels like a really stupid name to type out. Its a Jim Jonsin produced joint, but its much harder than Roll Up, with a heavy, plodding beat and a hook that isn’t too cheerful but is pretty catchy. This is that track for the hood, while Roll Up is that track for the radio.

Download Roll Up

Download On My Level