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The A2unes Weekly Update – 02.08.13

Feb 7: The Jane Doze – I Knew Lies Were Trouble [Dub-Indie Mashup] .. via GMAD

Feb 7: Lanterns – Gluestick [Acoustic Indie] … via Umstrum

Feb 7: The Kings Dead – The Reunion (feat. Sebastian Mikael) [Hip Hop] … via GMAD

Feb  6: Mammals – Move Slower (feat Flash Forest) [Folktronic] .. via GMAD

Feb 6: Mike Posner – The A-Team (Ed Sheeran Cover) [Pop/Indie] … via GMAD

Feb 5: Jackson Breit – In The Shade EP [Pop/Soul/Hip Hop] …via GMAD

Feb 3: Zeds Dead – Hot Sauce EP [Dubstep/Electro] …via Beathau5

Also this looks amazing…..


DJ BAHLER | Heisenberg

In honor of Breaking Bad starting up again next week (SOOO HYPE), DJ BAHLER flips the theme song and mashes it up with lyrics from Drake,  Lil Wayne, Nasty Ways, PANTyRAiD, and Santigold.  This is very well done and came together very nicely…. ONE WEEK!



Madeon | Minimix (Annie Mac Radio 1)

Ever wonder what over 100 songs sampled into one 5 minute track sounded like?   Well wonder no more… the 18 year old prodigy has answered our questions with his brand new track, simply called “Minimix”.  Read more to see the fulllllll sample list… Enjoy!

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The Hood Internet | One Midnight With You (Mayer Hawthorne x M83)

The Hood Internet is back with a real solid mash-up taking the boy from Ann Arbor and throwing his great vocals over the hit track, Midnight City, by M83.  Enjoy!

Gotye x Biggie | Somebody That I Used To Know Vs Dead Wrong (Scott Melker Popped and Screwed Remix)

Its been awhile since I posted a ‘Mash-Up Monday’ track… and honestly it is because mash-ups have really lost their luster with me and I definitely see them fading out sometime in the next year or so with the exception of a few very talented acts… That being said, here is a mash that was suggested by a buddy from back home which take’s ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’ and remixes the beats and speeds up a some vocals and then throws some classic Biggie over it.  I might like this mainly because of the Gotye remix, but never-the-less it does come together quite well in the end.  Enjoy!

The White Panda | BAMBOOYAH! [Mixtape]

Thanks to all for putting up with my absence, but I am back and have a treat for you.  Earlier today The White Panda unleashed their fourth album titled ‘BAMBOOYAH!’ and it does not dissonant.  Featuring 35 tracks (24 are brand new) the are made up of today’s hottest electro/dance/rap music as well as some indie gems that will keep this 50 minutes mix nice and fresh.  Available in one mp3, or chopped up into its individual tracks… Enjoy!

The White Panda | BAMBOOYAH! [One MP3 Mixtape]

The White Panda | BAMBOOYAH! [33 Tracks Mixtape]

Mash-Up Monday | Hardwell Bootleg Pack 2012

Today I was gonna give you guys a nice electo catch up post (don’t worry, it will come tomorrow) but figured that since Hardwell just released 19 electro mash-ups it was only fitting to post that for mash-up Monday.  All these tracks are taking some of the bigest electro songs of today, ranging from  Swanky Tunes, Tiesto, Sweedish House Mafia, and Dada Life and blending it with either some Coldplay, RHCP, Mr Hudson, or just with another electro track.   Overall a real solid album for any electro fan.   Enjoy!

Avicii – Levels (Hardwell Next Levels Bootleg)

Bassjackers vs Red Hot Chili Peppers – Otherside (Hardwell MashUp)

Swanky Tunes vs Mr Hudson – Forever Young vs Xoxo (Hardwell MashUp)

Download : Part One and don’t forget Part Two

Super Mash Bros. | Mile(y) High Club [Mixtape]

Well on Monday I gave you the first track off of Super Mash Bros. and told you I would let you know when the album was gonna be realeased…. welll…. the answer is right now… ha   Called “Mile(y) High Club”, Super Mash Bros. third album is exactly what you would think, 16 tracks of pure mash up goodness.   Truthfully I have kinda “outgrown” mash-ups… but this mix really brings me back and reminds me why I fell in love with mash ups… Enjoy

Super Mash Bros. – Don’t Bro Me If You Don’t Know Me

Super Mash Bros. – Siri Cruise

Download ‘Super Mash Bros. | Mile(y) High Club [Mixtape]’

Mash-Up Monday | Super Mash Bros. | ¡Holy Guacamole!

After quite a long absence, Super Mash Bros. is back at it with their latest track, ¡Holy Guacamole! which I hope means we will be getting a brand new album some time soon….  ¡Holy Guacamole! is a little more chill than what I would like to hear from this duo, but at the same tiem its still a pretty solid track and I really like when BillyJoel gets on the track… Enjoy and I will be sure to keep you updated on any word of a new album….

Download ‘Super Mash Bros. | ¡Holy Guacamole!’

Hardwell vs Gotye | Somebody That I Used to Know (Davis Ballards Encoded Aussy Bootleg)

Somebody That I Used to Know has truthfully taken over my music listening by storm (lets just say 30 plays in 10 hours…)  It is a very simple, yet powerful song that I feel just gets better and better with every listen…. that being said, for this week’s Mashup Monday I have Davis Ballards’ take on this amazing song where he uses the great vocals and throws is over some Hardwell….  Check out the mash below and read more to see the amazing video for this amazing song… Enjoy!

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Mord Fustang (Lopezz Remix) vs. Charles Chaplin | The Electric Speech (PeaceTreaty Hypem Mash-up)

To close this week’s Mash-Up Monday I have a very interesting one for you…  PeaceTreaty takes the Lopezz Remix to ‘The Electric Dream’ by Mord Fustang and throws over the very moving speech from Charlie Chaplin’s 1940 film, The Great Dictator.  Somehow it all comes together amazingly and I truthfully have listened to it multiple times in a row because of the great instrumental as well as the great speech… Like I said to start.. this is a very interesting track/concept, but hopefully you like it as much as I do. Enjoy!

Mash-Up Monday | Drake x Florence + The Machine | Take Care

For Thanksgiving, Florence released her amazing cover of Take Care by Drake and now, 2 months later someone finally takes both versions and mashes it up.   A verrrrryyy simple track but it comes together perfectly and it only makes me think what could have been if these two actually teamed up on the original track…. hummm… well I guess this will have to do for now….  Enjoy!

Download ‘Drake x Florence + The Machine | Take Care’

Mash-Up Monday | 5 & A Dime | BASSMOB

5 & A Dime is back with his brand new album, BASSMOB which, like many other mash-ups these days, consists of a mainly electro/club/dance music on the instrumental and then Top 40 on the vocals…   In my opinion, this overused formula for mash-up may be all over the net, but 5 & A Dime does master it and gives you 11 tracks of real solid blending and will be sure to get your feet moving…. Enjoy!

Download ‘5 & a Dime | BASSMOB [Free Album]

5 & a Dime  – June Is Soon

5 & a Dime – Skrillmau5

5 & a Dime – Only The Beginning

Sex Ray Sunday!

For the past few weeks the duo from Stanford has been cranking out track after track, ranging from their normal remixes to a new Mashup Sunday series they started two weeks ago.  That being said I have plenty of tracks from them which are all pretty amazing, especially the 3 remixes of Avicii, Sai, and Snow Patrol… Enjoy!


Download ‘Sex Ray Vision – Turn Up The Love [Mashup]’

Download ‘Sex Ray Vision – Calling You [Alesso, Sebastian Ingrosso, Katy Perry, Avicii, Taio Cruz, Edward Maya, & Britney Spears]’


Download ‘Avicii & Nicky Romero – Fuck School (Sex Ray Vision Remix)’

Download ‘Sex Ray Vision – Wild Ones (Remix) (Ft. Flo Rida & Sia)’

Download ‘Snow Patrol – Open Your Eyes (Sex Ray Vision Remix)’

Mash-Up Monday | Big Sean x Wolfgang Gartner | The Way Marvin Was

What I love about The Hood Internet is that they try some crazy combos when mashing up music (see: Ellie Goulding and The Portland Cello Project)… but on the same note, this leads to a lot of their tracks not being as listener friendly as you run of the mill mash-up dj… That being said, they haven’t been on A2unes in awhile but I thought it was time… mashing up Big Sean with Wolfgang Gartner here is ‘The Way Marvin Was’… Enjoy!