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The A2unes Weekly Update – 02.23.13

Feb 23: The Killers – Runaways [Indie Pop] / via. GMAD

Feb 22: Cris Cab – Little Talks (Of Monsters And Men Cover) [Reggae Pop] / via. GMAD

Feb 21: Mike Ponser – OSHFEST (feat. Blackbear) [Pop] / via.. GMAD

Feb 20: Icona Pop – Good For You [ElectroPop] / Via Soundcloud

Feb 20: Hoodie Allen – Crew Cuts (MIXTAPE) [Rap Pop] / via GMAD

Feb 19: WMNSTUDIES – Too Damn Dope For Me [Chill Electro] / via GMAD

Feb 18: Shwayze – Too High [Chill HipHop] / via GMAD

Feb 18: Gareth Emery – Meet Her In Miami [EDM] / via BeatHau5



The A2unes Weekly Update – 02.16.13

Feb 16: Y LUV – Keep It Rollin’ (Gazzo Remix) [Progressive] / via GMAD

Feb 15: Henrix – Miami Rising [EDM] / via. GMAD

Feb 15: dBerrie – Aquarius (feat. Tatiana Owens) (Vocal Mix) [Progressive] / via. GMAD

Feb 13: Daft Punk – Make Love (HLM Remix) [Smooth Electro] / via. GMAD

Feb 13: Rihanna feat Mikky Ekko – Stay (Them Jeans Remix) [Smooth Electro] / via SoundCloud

Feb 12: The Knocks – The Feeling (Dave Edwards Remix) [House] / via GMAD

Feb 11: Ra Ra Riot – Beta Love [Electro Indie] / Via GMAD

Feb 11: Hoodie Allen – Cake Boy [Hip Hop] / via. GMAD


The A2unes Weekly Update – 02.08.13

Feb 7: The Jane Doze – I Knew Lies Were Trouble [Dub-Indie Mashup] .. via GMAD

Feb 7: Lanterns – Gluestick [Acoustic Indie] … via Umstrum

Feb 7: The Kings Dead – The Reunion (feat. Sebastian Mikael) [Hip Hop] … via GMAD

Feb  6: Mammals – Move Slower (feat Flash Forest) [Folktronic] .. via GMAD

Feb 6: Mike Posner – The A-Team (Ed Sheeran Cover) [Pop/Indie] … via GMAD

Feb 5: Jackson Breit – In The Shade EP [Pop/Soul/Hip Hop] …via GMAD

Feb 3: Zeds Dead – Hot Sauce EP [Dubstep/Electro] …via Beathau5

Also this looks amazing…..

The Royal Concept | Knocked Up

262646_376374009124625_20270882_nGoodMusicAllDay just posted the latest single by The Royal Concept called World on Fire that I feel in love with and I needed to see what else this great Swedish indie/pop band had to offer.  After scurrying through their SoundCloud a stumbled on “Knocked Up”, which had the sound of Ratatat mixed with Walk the Moon that might be better than World on Fire… any way… grab Knocked Up below and head over to GMAD to grab World on Fire… hell… grab all of the tracks from their SoundCloud.

Oh Land | White Nights (Skeet Skeet’s Copenhagen Beach Party Mix)

ohlandThis may have came out months ago but I think it is a perfect track for just chillin on this sports filled Saturday.  This original was sampled by Hoodie Allen for “Dreams Up” and now Skeet Skeet takes it and turns it into a pretty chill track.  Enjoy and GO WINGS!


Marina and the Diamonds | Lies (Zeds Dead Remix)

ZD_liesaThis one may have been out for awhile but Zeds Dead  just posted it on his SoundCloud for everyone to enjoy…   Here is his remix to Marina and the Diamonds song, ‘Lies’ which is a real nice indie/dubstep /drum and bass mix that I am sure you will all love.



Cherub | Doses and Mimosas [Visuals]

I just stumbled on Cherub’s video of Doses and Mimosas and realized that  I really haven’t posted much from this amazing duo.  I posted ‘Dirty Cockroaches‘ almost 6 months ago which is still probably my favorite track by them but that isn’t to say that their other 19 tracks aren’t as great. Featuring a very unique sound with falsetto vocals and funky beats this group is a breath of fresh air to the music scene.  Listen to Doses and Mimosas above and just grab both of there albums HERE

Bon Iver | Towers (Jonathan Lee Remix)

After I randomly dug up Bon Iver’s latest self titled album I have been listening to it non stop and Towers quickly became on of my fav songs from it.  That being said every remix to it that I have heard has been pretty damn good; and this one is no different.  Enjoy!



Chill Summer Mixtape | Summer Job Edition

August 143th already?! Well, I guess better late than never, Right? That being said, here is the first (yes, I will try and squeeze in a few more before the summer is over) installment of The Chill Summer Mixtape Series – Year 3.  This one I have titled the Summer Job edition in “honor” of the reason I have not gotten around to this sooner… my damn job… but enough of that, lets get to the music!  For this edition I hand picked 19 of my favorite indie/electro tracks to not make it to the pages of A2unes yet; ranging from some nice remixes to solid original productions.  Give the tape a listen below and be sure to check out a few of my underground favorites such as Placid Acid by Tourist which is an intoxicating instrumental that well suck you right in, Oxford’s remix to Fifteen by Goldroom which has one of the most catchy hooks on the tape and Top Rated by Icona Pop which features a KILLER instrumental.   Hope you all dig these tracks as much as I do and keep checking back for the second installment in the next few weeks.   ENJOY!

Download ‘Chill Summer Mixtape | Summer Job Edition’

E-603 | The Remixes Vol. 1

Well this is a pleasant surprise… I haven’t really heard much from Mr. 603 since ‘Torn Up’ and now I see that he just released a 9 track remix album…. that is amazing…. He take songs from Drake, Ellie, Passion Pit, Robyn, Trey Songz and more and throws over catchy, electro/indie beats to make a short, yet very entertaining mixtape.  Dare I say these remixes are even better than his mash-ups?    You decide!   Enjoy!

Download ‘E-603 | The Remixes Vol. 1’

Princeton | Grand Rapids (RAC Mix)

André Allen Anjos is back with his latest remix, this time tackling Grand Rapids by Princeton.  Having a very smooth acoustic feel to it this is yet another great indie remix to add to the ever growing RAC collection.  Enjoy!

oh ya… Grand Rapids, Michigan?


::M∆DE:IN:HEIGHTS:: | Chatoyant (Beauty Bass)

Off of ::M∆DE:IN:HEIGHTS::’s latest EP, APORIA: IN THESE §TREETS… (which looks like thier Bandcamp site is down so I cant find a full download anywhereeeeee) here is a very chill track called Chatoyant (Beauty Bass).  This track has beautiful production from Sabzi and some lovely vocals from Kelsey Bulkin which combine to make the perfect track to just throw on and relax to.   Enjoy!

Download ‘::M∆DE:IN:HEIGHTS:: | Chatoyant (Beauty Bass)’

Ellie Goulding x Xaphoon Jones | High For This (The Weeknd Cover)

Xaph and everyone’s favorite lady, Ellie team up to cover The Weeknd’s single, High For This.  This is a very smooth, R&B track that is clearly pretty different than your usual Ellie song, but its still pretty damn goood.   Enjoy!



Weekend Catch-Up

Some songs that I think you will like….

RAC x Penguin Prison | Hollywood

Gosh darn It I love RAC….. After releasing remix after remix that are just so perfect that I can’t tell you what one I like better than the other André Allen Anjos has really created a huge following and now he teams up with Penguin Prison for his first totally original track.  With a chorus that you can’t forget and strong vocals from Penguin Prison’s Chris Glover, the track is the perfect debut from Anjos. Enjoy!