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The A2unes Weekly Update – 02.23.13

Feb 23: The Killers – Runaways [Indie Pop] / via. GMAD

Feb 22: Cris Cab – Little Talks (Of Monsters And Men Cover) [Reggae Pop] / via. GMAD

Feb 21: Mike Ponser – OSHFEST (feat. Blackbear) [Pop] / via.. GMAD

Feb 20: Icona Pop – Good For You [ElectroPop] / Via Soundcloud

Feb 20: Hoodie Allen – Crew Cuts (MIXTAPE) [Rap Pop] / via GMAD

Feb 19: WMNSTUDIES – Too Damn Dope For Me [Chill Electro] / via GMAD

Feb 18: Shwayze – Too High [Chill HipHop] / via GMAD

Feb 18: Gareth Emery – Meet Her In Miami [EDM] / via BeatHau5



Kaskade vs. Albin Myers | Don’t Stop Hells Bells (Kaskade Mash Up)

I heard this mash up in Kaskade’s mix from Coachella and now he releases the single track which is just as amazing.  It may be very simple but takes my favorite track by AlbinMyers (Hells Bells) and throws over some classic Kaskade vocals…. Enjoy!

DJ Fergie Ferg | Watching Me

Happy Friday! Here’s a good one to start off the afternoon before we get up a nice party jam for the night. I’ve been meaning to post it for awhile but was happy I just stumbled across it again because DJ Fergie Ferg does a good job combining Busta Rhymes with Kate Nash for a nice song to get you through till 5’Oclock.

Download: ‘Watching Me’ | DJ Fergie Ferg

Phoenix & Lil Wayne

Well with an album title like ‘Phoenix & Lil Wayne’ do I really need to explain what to expect?  Ha… well what you do get is 5 reallllll solid tracks from Phoenix remixed by Tumblewoof that would probably hold on thier own, but then he throws some solid Lil Wayne vocals over the great production.  At first listen, ice heard SOOO many Lil Wayne mash-ups, but the production on these (especially Armillistice and Fencer) really make this a project worth listening to.  He has rain out of free downloads on his bandcamp so is asking for 50 cents for the album.. but if you cant, it is available for free download below.   Enjoy!

Stuntin’ Like 1901


Download ‘Phoenix & Lil Wayne’

Big K.R.I.T. x Bun B x Scarface x Young Jeezy | Pushin’

Continuing the theme of Mashup Monday here’s a blend called  ‘Pushin’ that’s brought to you by our friends over at The Masked Gorilla. They had a really cool idea of mashing up new songs with old school songs that I’m excited to follow over it’s duration.

You know what it is, every Tuesday and Friday night we’re being you exclusive new school vs. old school blends from our New Orleans homie DJ R.B.D.

The first blend tonight, “Pushin'”, combines Bun B’s classic from the 2005 album “Trill” which features Scarface and Young Jeezy and Big K.R.I.T.’s own version from his 2006 mixtape “King of the Queen”.

Like I said, I’m impressed with Pushin’ and am excited to follow their new vs. old ‘blends.’ Enjoy!

Download: ‘Pushin’ | Big K.R.I.T. x Bun B x Scarface x Young Jeezy

Mash-Up Monday | The Brothers of Chico Dusty

Wick-it The Instigator give us the latest Mash-Up Monday by throwing the vocals from Big Boi’s Sir Lucious Left Foot The Son Of Chico Dusty over beats from The Black Keys’ Brothers.  Thuthfully I tinhk I have said enough to convince you to DL it.. so listne to a few of my favoirtes below and grab the whole tape.


Black Bug 

Follow The One ft. Vonnegutt 

Go Get Tangerine ft. T.I. 

Download ‘Big Boi x The Black Keys | The Brothers of Chico Dusty’

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Linen By Your Side

Here’s one I really like called ‘By Your Side’ by New Linen that features a very chill beat with a good piano feel to it. On top of that there’s a female chorus and some very good verses that all come together for a very catchy song to chill out to. This is perfect for when you just want to close your eyes and relax. Like the chorus asks for, this one will definitely ‘make you calm down.’

Download: By Your Side, New Linen


New Girl Talk!

Girl Talk released another free album today! It’s an exciting day to have music ADD, let me tell you. Girl Talk does the usual, taking samples and bits and pieces from literally every song you’ve ever heard and mashing them into an exquisite mush of music goodness. I’ll link to the opening track off the album, called “Oh No, which features Black Sabbath, Ludacris, The Ramones, California Swag District, Missy Elliot, and Dorrough, among about 20 others. It’s a pretty monster opening track, 5 minutes of delicious mashups to kick off an entire album of the like. Girl Talk is awesome for parties, people don’t get sick of the song you put on 2 minutes in and try to change it, since Girl Talk changes the music himself about every 20 seconds! Download the album for free at Girl Talk’s website, Illegal Art (ha, get it? Since Girl Talk is technically illegal samples of tons of artists? lolpuns) The server is basically dead over there right now, but it’ll come back up soon. It’s basically like when J. Cole killed the internets on Friday with his mixtape, but this one is Girl Talk so hipsters are like OMG and I’m like JAMMSSS so good luck.

Download Girl Talk – All Day

sample the first track – Oh No

I’m Feeling Fiiiine

I was gonna wait to post this tomorrow but I loved it and figured I’d throw it up now for all of you to enjoy tonight/tomorrow morning. This one is by Alex Gardner and is called “Feeling Fine.” It’s got a cool beat and has a great vocal feel to the whole song. I don’t really know how to describe it because it’s in between so many things. It’s chill but more uptempo. It’s very vocal but not really mainstream pop. Very unique song but I really love it, so definitely give it a listen and see if you feel the same. Enjoy!

Download: Feeling Fine, Alex Gardner

Viva la Hova… AGAIN?!

I saw this and got veeerrryyy excited… ha… One of my favorite Mash-up/blend albums… ever? gets re-released with two bonus tracks, no DJ, and all high quality… what more can we ask for?!   For those who got this originally about a year ago… its time to update!  Grab this new mixtape (thats the quality of an album) and replace your old files.. or if this is your first time hearing about this.. get it and ENJOY!

Viva La Hova: RemasteredMediafire Link

Lost Part 2 (Mixed by Mick Boogie)

Life of Clocks (Prod. by Terry Urban)

Lucifer and Friends (Prod. by CJ Luzi) [New]

Party Party Party

I was looking for something more party-ish to post for the weekend and was having trouble finding something new and was gonna listen to this mixtape going down to DC this weekend. Fortunately for all of you, I accidentally started listening to it earlier and have been unable to put it down. This is the “College Years Beer Pong Edition” mixtape by DJ Moneybags and DJ TUCK and it’s very much like DJ Benzi’s summer mixtapes ( 2009 & 2010) were, with snippets of a lot of popular songs remixed over the course of a huge playlist (this one has 40 songs). Great playlist to just let bump while you’re pregaming, having a party, OR playing Beer Pong (like the artists intended hah). Solid work and very very catchy, I guarantee you wont be able to stop listening once you start with track 1. Rage hard this weekend and Enjoy the music!

Download: College Years Beer Pong Edition Mixtape, DJ Moneybags & DJ TUCK

Reflection Eternal

Latest leak off the legendary duo’s upcoming album Revolutions Per Minute due out April 6th.

Download: Reflection Eternal – In This World

Mash-Up Monday!

For those who liked The Kayo-Mayer Experience, I got something that I know you will love.  This time yet another no-name rapper, M.i, takes an acoustic singer, Jack Johnson, and creates a very nice blend album.  This 12 track album has very good production on every track, leaving enough of the original Jack Johnson song to enjoy and adding the perfect amount of hip-hop to make it a whole new song.  Very chill, very well done, very good.  Enjoy!

‘The Jack Johnson Sessions’ from DatPiff (Username & Password is A2unes)

‘The Jack Johnson Sessions’ from Mediafire

The British Invasion

Produced by Silver and Performed by The Incomparable Shakespeare comes the 9 track EP, The British Invasion.  On this tape each song features a sample of a well known UK pop/rock artist ranging from The Beatles and Oasis, to Duffy and Bloc Party.  Also includes some not so well knowns as Adele and Caron Wheeler which provide some real good samples, especially on one of my favorite tracks, Hometown.  As a bonus track he throws in a nice samples from the Jackson 5 which is put together very well.  Below is one of my favorite songs (and most recognizable), Wonderwall which samples Oasis.  The next link if for the complete EP which I would highly suggest you get! Shouts to P&P.

Wonderwall (feat. Oasis) | Link 2

The British Invasion

Cueyfornication Bonus Tracks

oncue1Finally found links to the last two bonus tracks to OnCue’s RHCP mash-up/blend mixtape, Cueyfornication.  I seriously think that these two are some of the best ones on the album.  I really think you will enjoy these.  Made of Gold samples “Snow (Hey Oh)” and When I’m Sober uses “The Otherside”… both are produced very well.  As a nice bonus I’ll throw in one of his latest tracks to be hopfully featured on his next mixtape, In A Class All By Myself.  This is a very chill song that samples Coldplay’s Trouble titled Gotta Move.

Made of Gold

When I’m Sober

Bonus: Gotta Move