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The A2unes Weekly Update – 02.08.13

Feb 7: The Jane Doze – I Knew Lies Were Trouble [Dub-Indie Mashup] .. via GMAD

Feb 7: Lanterns – Gluestick [Acoustic Indie] … via Umstrum

Feb 7: The Kings Dead – The Reunion (feat. Sebastian Mikael) [Hip Hop] … via GMAD

Feb  6: Mammals – Move Slower (feat Flash Forest) [Folktronic] .. via GMAD

Feb 6: Mike Posner – The A-Team (Ed Sheeran Cover) [Pop/Indie] … via GMAD

Feb 5: Jackson Breit – In The Shade EP [Pop/Soul/Hip Hop] …via GMAD

Feb 3: Zeds Dead – Hot Sauce EP [Dubstep/Electro] …via Beathau5

Also this looks amazing…..


Rebelution | Sky is the Limit (Manic Focus Remix)

Finally got a day off from work so here is a nice chill track to toss on while I chill out by the pool.   The brand new track from Rebelution called Sky is the Limit gets remixed by Main Focus on this smooth jam that is perfect for this nice summer day.   Enjoy!

Ellie Goulding x Tinie Tempah | Hanging On

Ellie just posted this track on her Facebook stating that it is “the beginning of her new journey” which leads me to think that she is leaving the electro pop sound behind and taking a much more darker approach on her next album.  Featuring Tinie Tempah, Hanging On has a slight hint of ‘Starry Eyed’ but you can tell right off the bad this is a new sound for Ellie… I may not be 100% sold yet but am excited to see what she will come up with for her next few singles…. Enjoy!

Dave Matthews Band | Mercy

Dave Matthews is back with their first single off of ‘Away From The World’ which is due out on September 11 and it is a real solid one.  More of a chill track than a jam track, Mercy gives you the classic DMB sound that you are used to with Crash and Where Are You Going which I am really enjoying.  Looking forward to the new album, but until then here is a stream to enjoy.

Walk The Moon | Anna Sun [Fool’s Gold Remix]

Ever since I caught Walk The Moon in a small bar in NYC a year or so ago I have have a real sweet spot for them.  Off of the release of thier Anna Sun EP,the lead single gets a little remix action from Fool’s Gold.  This is pretty much the complete opposite of the original (HERE) when it comes to energy but it doesn’t mean that this hypnotic remix is something to overlook.  Enjoy!

Download ‘Walk The Moon | Anna Sun [Fool’s Gold Remix]’ | Link 2

Mark Foster + A-Trak + Kimbra | Warrior

Well Converse does it again… this time using Mark Foster (of Foster the People), A-Trak (you know him…), and Kimbra (From Gotye’s smash single, ‘Somebody That I Used To Know‘).  This song is extremely catchy and I am sure you will be pressing repeat on this a few times…. Enjoy!

Download ‘Mark Foster + A-Trak + Kimbra | Warrior’

Theo Katzman – Brooklyn [Official Video]

Time for another Ann Arbor highlight!   Theo Katzman was the guitarist for My Dear Disco (now Ella Riot) which was a band started while the members were attending the UofM School of Music and now he is giving the solo act a try.  In his latest single, titled Brooklyn he reminiscences over his first love (Michigan) and now his new life in NYC.  Enjoy!

Buy ‘Theo Katzman – Brooklyn’

OK Go | Needing/Getting [Official Video]

OK Go are definitely the kings of music videos…

Chad Hatcher | Tunnels And Pathways [Mixtape]

Well I just stumbled on this mixtape from Chad Hatcher that even though it is more than 3 years old, is really something new to what has been posted on A2unes lately.  Possessing a sound that is a perfect blend between reggae, blues, acoustic pop, and hop hip, this Canadian artist really gives you something that is perfect to throw on and vibe to.  A few of my favorites are below but just grab the whole tape because I am really loving his sound and I am sure you all will as well…. Enjoy!

Chad Hatcher  | Hard To Find

Chad Hatcher x Classified | All About You

Chad Hatcher | All This Time

Download ‘Chad Hatcher | Tunnels And Pathways [Mixtape]’

Shwayze & Cisco | Summertime Music

Following 2 days that featured some great beach music I tihnk its time for Shwayze and Cisco to give us their track to fit the genre.  Having the 3 aspects of a great summer track (smooth guitar riff, catchy hook, and quality verses) this latest track is exactly what you would expect from this great duo from Cali…. some ‘Summertime Music’!  Enjoy!


Download ‘Shwayze & Cisco | Summertime Music’

Radical Something | Long Hair, Don’t Care

As promised here is the latest from Radical Something.  No need to explain this song for anyone that goes ‘Escape‘ because they are really holding true to their sound.. and I’m lovin it…. A nice beach sound, great verses, and catchy hooks… In “Long Hair Don’t Care” (which is dedicated to Biz for his luscious locks), they address the idea that if you have long hair people wont take you seriously… This is yet another great song from this trio and I am very excited for their album… hopefully out soon?!   Enjoy!


Download ‘Radical Something | Long Hair, Don’t Care’

KiD CuDi x Dot Da Genius | Perfect Is The Word

Anyone that has followed A2unes… and even the blog before A2unes (anyone remember that name? gets a free ice cream cone from Washtenaw Dairy) knows we have been supporting KiD CuDi since day one.  Over the past few years he has constantly changing his sound and I have really liked the majority of what came out… that being said, here is the latest single from Cudder that is to be off his next album that was going to be a rock album.. but now i just know its going to be a different genre than the past few albums…  Called ‘Perfect Is The Word’, this track is a little less than 3 mins long leading me to think this probably isn’t the final version off this song but this is probably the sound we should expect for this album…. disappointed?  kinda…. intrigued?  quite…..

Download ‘KiD CuDi x Dot Da Genius | Perfect Is The Word’

OneRepublic x B.o.B. | Good Life

For the past 3 weeks I have been between jobs… chillin in Florida, going to horse races and electro festivals… spending the nights in clubs and bars…. more or less living the ‘Good Life’.. well until I start working 40+ hours a week on Monday… ha.. On that note, here is the remix of OneRepublic’s ‘Good Life’.  Just like B.o.B did with Ke$ha’s Blow in that “remix”, on this one he throws a verse at the start and then another one at the end to make it a remix.  I already really liked the original, so with 2 added B.o.B verses, I’m all for this ‘remix’…. Enjoy!

Download ‘OneRepublic x B.o.B. | Good Life’

Tuesday Trot | Matt Nathanson

Another week means another set from the great Daytrotter Studio, this week coming from Matt Nathanson.  As he gears up for his release of Modern Love which is due out late this month he plays a few of his track from the album including the lead single ‘Faster‘.  Just like most Daytrotter sessions this is pretty chill and is more or less just him and an acoustic guitar singing his heart out.  Check out some faves below and grab the whole session from the Daytrotter site.  Enjoy!


Drop To Hold You

Download ‘Matt Nathanson | Live at Daytrotter’

Keegan DeWitt | Thunder Clatter

Thunder Clatter (Daytrotter Barnstormer Memory Montage) from Keegan DeWitt on Vimeo.

For this week’s Tuesday Trot we wont be giving you a session from Daytrotter, but instead a here is a Barnstromer Exclusive that we got a month or so ago when I saw Keegan DeWitt at a the Barnstormer show in Dexter, MI.  At this show he performed a great new song called ‘Thunder Clatter’ which is a very catchy track a great vocals and a nice upbeat instrumental.  I really love the guitar riff in this song and really got everyone dancing at the show.  Be sure to grab BOTH of Keegan’s actual Daytrotter sessions HERE if you missed them when we posted it, and here is a great track to give you a feel of how he sounds in the studio… Enjoy and check out the video which is made from clips from the Barnstormer Tour!