Macklemore & Ryan Lewis x Mary Lambert | Same Love

The amazing thing about Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’s latest album, The Heist is that after one listen you will enjoy it.. but after 2 or 3 you will absolutely love it.  Off the bat you will fall in love with Ryan Lewis’s production and as you listen to Macklemore’s lyrics you will begin to appreciate the stories he tells in his songs.  He turns a track about Nike’s into SO much more than that, gives a real look into how it feels to relapse and then in the track that brought this whole post about… he gives a solid argument into why Marriage Equality should be a law everywhere.  Now, here (or anywhere for that matter) isn’t a place I like to talk about politics but I really think that everyone needs to hear this song… if not for the message but it is overall a very beautiful song as well.  Buy The Heist RIGHT HERE and check out the amazing video above.  Enjoy!


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