Chill Summer Mixtape | Summer Job Edition

August 143th already?! Well, I guess better late than never, Right? That being said, here is the first (yes, I will try and squeeze in a few more before the summer is over) installment of The Chill Summer Mixtape Series – Year 3.  This one I have titled the Summer Job edition in “honor” of the reason I have not gotten around to this sooner… my damn job… but enough of that, lets get to the music!  For this edition I hand picked 19 of my favorite indie/electro tracks to not make it to the pages of A2unes yet; ranging from some nice remixes to solid original productions.  Give the tape a listen below and be sure to check out a few of my underground favorites such as Placid Acid by Tourist which is an intoxicating instrumental that well suck you right in, Oxford’s remix to Fifteen by Goldroom which has one of the most catchy hooks on the tape and Top Rated by Icona Pop which features a KILLER instrumental.   Hope you all dig these tracks as much as I do and keep checking back for the second installment in the next few weeks.   ENJOY!

Download ‘Chill Summer Mixtape | Summer Job Edition’


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