Call Me Maybe Round 2

For some reason durring a night of binge drinking ‘Call Me Maybe’ always seems to find its way onto the stereo (or maybe just my phone in the cab…) and lets just say after my weekend in NYC I have relit the flame that was once my love for Call Me Maybe…. Now that the song has taken over the radio and people have taken their stances on whether they hate or love it I feel like I can post two of my fav remixes.  Above is a very chill cover by Ben Howard who turns it into a folk ballad that just shows how one person can take a track and pull a full 180 with it. Below is a real nice electro remix by Milkman that features the addicting strings from the original and then adds in his own club sounds…. Enjoy!

Download ‘Ben Howard – Call Me Maybe (Carly Rae Jepsen Cover’


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