The Weeknd Trilogy

For most, avid music blog followers I am sure that The Weeknd is no new name to you, but if you don’t have any of his music yet… That needs to change…. This very talented artist out of Ontario has been taking the R&B music scene over by storm and I think its time he takes over A2unes.  Over the past year Abel Tesfaye has released 3 free mixtapes titled House of Balloons, Thursday, and his most recent release, Echoes of Silence which really got me into listening to The Weeknd again.  I have recently been caught up in the EDM scene and it wasn’t until I threw on these three tapes that I got to sit down and experience a VERY talented artist (and by no means am I saying that electro Djs are not talented artists..).  The production on these 27 tracks are top notch and with MTV saying that he is the “best musical talent since Michael Jackson” you know that the vocals will be amazing.  My fav from each album below and grab all three tapes NOW!   Enjoy!

Download ‘The Weeknd | House of Balloons [Mixtape]’

The Weeknd | The Morning

Download ‘The Weeknd | Thursday [Mixtape]’

The Weeknd x Drake | The Zone

Download ‘The Weeknd | Echoes Of Silence [Mixtape]

The Weeknd | D.D.


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