Some Electro I Missed…

Below are 6 of my favorite electro tracks I have been jamming over the past 2 weeks that need to be in your library…. Enjoy and be ready for a catch up post of some other genres soon.   ohh ya… GO BLUE!

Adrian Lux | Alive (ft. The Good Natured) (Basto Remix)

This may be my favorite track out of the pack which features catchy lyrics and amazing production [Download]

Peter Luts | Cayo

Over 6 and a half minutes of pure electro gold…. a clear favorite of the past few months… [Download]

Archie. V | Magic Is Timeless

This track surfaced as an Alesso and Avicii (faux) track and then was quickly discovered to be from Russian producer Archie. V.   Features similar synth progression to Avicii, but not sure if I would consider this track anywhere close to the level of Levels… [Download]

Skrillex | Summit (feat. Ellie Goulding) (Aylen Remix)

A remix of my favorite track from the Bangarang EP… Need I say more? [Download]

Starkillers & Nadia Ali | Keep It Coming (Basto Remix)’

Basto kills this remix which features some very addicting ‘choppy synths’. [Download]

Ravi Parikh (of Sex Ray Vision) | Pilgrim

Figured I would end it with an artist I know you are familiar with… yet another really solid showing from the solo project by Ravi of SRV. [Download]


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