Whomp Wednesday | Knife Party | 100% No Modern Talking EP

To say the least…. Knife Party is something different than what your used to in the electro scene… blending hard hitting electro riffs and dubstep, this probably isn’t for the recreational electro/house listener… but hey! maybe I’m wrong and you’ll love it.  Releasing their first EP, titled ‘100% No Modern Talking EP’, Knife Party gives us 4 tracks to get to know them…. the first track that I heard from them was ‘Internet Friends’ when it was featured on Avicii’s podcast… and as weird as it is… i really enjoy it and is still probably my fav track from KP…. Stream all below and grab the album at the bottom.  Enjoy!

Knife Party – Fire Hive

Knife Party – Tourniquet

Knife Party – Destroy Them With Lazers

Knife Party – Internet Friends

Download ‘Knife Party | 100% No Modern Talking EP’


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