Avicii | Fade Into Darkness (Big Z Remix)

Well I just booked me ticket for Ultra 2012 so I think tonight will be a night of electro music for everyone… To start if off here is some music from the number one artist that NEEEDSS to be at Ultra this year, in my mind…. Avicii…. Above is a video to hype the release of Levels (thought this has been out for awhile, right?) which looks to be in the next few weeks… it takes clips from around the world of him performing this AMAZING song, and take it from someone that has heard this track live… its MIND BLOWING…  Below is the latest remix by Big Z, who takes Avicii’s latest single, Fade Into Darkness and adds his own little flip on it.   Kinda tones it down a little bit but I am really feeling this version as well… Enjoy!

Download ‘Avicii | Fade Into Darkness (Big Z Remix)’

One response to “Avicii | Fade Into Darkness (Big Z Remix)

  1. Levels is a ridiculous tune. The best of the year so far I would say. Not so sure about that Big Z remix, not as much of a club-stormer. But still well worth a listen. Or 5. 🙂

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