Avicii (?) – ID2 (Untitled) (Who Knows)

Full disclaimer: I have no idea if this is Avicii or not. I have no idea if it’s called ID2 but we’ll roll with it because other blogs are doing it and we’re followers here at a2unes, not innovators. It’s making the blog rounds right now and the rumor has it that Avicii is closing all his sets with this masterpiece and it definitely sounds exactly like an Avicii jam, with the rousing backbeat, the electrifying keyboard and synth lines that only Avicii can pull off so well, and a concise, electric sound. This will definitely get a party hopping, even if its only 2:40 in its present iteration. You can be sure more info will come out about this absolute JAM in the next few days as it lights up the internet and the club scene, but for now get it to listen to while you pre-game for the weekend and the epic MSU-UM football game on Saturday.

Download ID2 (Maybe)


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