Timeflies | The Scotch Tape

Its Monday which means the release of Timeflies’ album ‘The Scotch Tape’ is upon us.  Featuring 11 tracks full of great vocals and soem solid electro/hip hop/dubstep beats this is a very refreshing album to those that are looking for something new.  Turn It Up is still probably my favorite track off the tape and probably one of my current top 3 songs, but don’t let that overshadow the rest of this real nice tape… Listen to some goodies below and grab the whole album to enjoy!

Timeflies  – Detonate

[audio http://ge.tt/8s9aJw7/v/0]

Timeflies  – Turn It Up

[audio http://ge.tt/8s9aJw7/v/1]

Timeflies  Until The Sunrise

[audio http://ge.tt/8s9aJw7/v/2]

Download ‘Timeflies | The Scotch Tape [Free Mixtape]’


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