Sucka Free CJ | Trill Life [Free Mixtape]

Its been 6 months since I introduced Sucka Free CJ to A2unes and ever since he has been gracing the site with pretty much every release he sent over.  Now, we have a brand new, 15 track mixtape called Trill Life which picked up right where Ars Gratia Artis left off.  Consisting of his signature ‘Ambient Hip-Hop’ sound which features a smooth flow over a chill beat, this tape is perfect for a lazy evening, just relaxing.  This is a very nice change of pace for all those hip-hop fans out there because I know I have been focusing on electro the past 2 weeks, but don’t worry.. i didn’t forget about you!   ha,   Enjoy!

Sucka Free CJ – Take One

Sucka Free CJ – Mass Appeal

Sucka Free CJ – It’s All Beautiful (Prod. by Rythmatical) [Ft. Felly]

Download ‘Sucka Free CJ | Trill Life [Free Mixtape]’

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