Electric Zoo | MiM0SA

For the final feature for the night I will give you someone that is also brand new to me…. MiM0SA.  This producer from Cali has a self proclaimed genre known as ‘Crunk-Step Dub-Hop for the Soul’ which I think kinda sounds like a mix of Pretty Lights and some Dubstep.  The outcome is some very entertaining instrumentals and wont be too overpowering with the dubstep aspect but different enough to make them stand out compared to other electro/dubstep producers out there.  MiMOSA recently released a free 5 track album called 58 Degrees that showcases his great talent for unique beats, most notably ‘Stairway’ and the title track, ’58 Degrees’.  Be sure to give the EP a listen below and DL it for your own listening pleasures, as well as I added a nice little 2Pac remix he through together as well as another original instrumental for you to enjoy.  IF you like what you hear be sure to get more of his music HERE.  Enjoy!

[audio http://api.ge.tt/0/9iqtx57/0/blob]

Download ‘2Pac – Still Ballin (MiM0SA Remix)’


[audio http://api.ge.tt/0/9iqtx57/1/blob]

Download ‘MiM0SA – No More Messing About’

Download ‘ MiMoSA – 58 Degrees [Free EP]’


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