Electric Zoo | Super Mash Bros.

For those that have been following A2unes for some time now (possibly since 2009) this group should be no surprise to you, but since it is (Mashup) Monday I thought it was only fitting to give this Electric Zoo performer the spotlight today.  Hailing from the city of LA, this trio is all about having a great time and shows this in thier albums, All About The Scrilions as well as Fuck Bitches. Get Euros. which are both full of  non-stop samples from anywhere you can think of.  Both these albums are the cream of the crop when it comes to mash albums, consisting of seamless transitions and creative samples, and really proves that they are one of the best at what they do and should be one of the most unique shows of Electric Zoo.

Super Mash Bros. – Broseidon, Lord Of The Brocean

[audio http://api.ge.tt/0/80A0c37/1/blob]

Super Mash Bros. – NPH FTW

[audio http://api.ge.tt/0/80A0c37/2/blob]

Super Mash Bros. –  I’m Onto Something (That’s What She Said)

[audio http://api.ge.tt/0/80A0c37/0/blob]

Grab both albums HERE!


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