3 Levels of Avicii

Ever since Avicii released the promo to Levels, which was called ID at that time there has been SO many people using it in mash-ups.  First, we had my favorite one to date from Yoni, but now that the full version has been released and gaining massive popularity the use of this song by other artists has exploded.  Artists such as 3LAU and Mochi Beats have used it in mash ups and even Flo Rida has throws verses over it.  Since I LOVE the original song, I may be bias when I say I really enjoy all these songs (maybe i will get sick of it one day, but probably not) but I couldn’t just pick one to post, so figured why not give you a few of the latest…. let me know what one is your fav!  Enjoy!


Download ‘Mochi Beats – Raging Levels (Avicii + Kanye + Britney + Others)’


Download ‘3LAU – Dancing In The Backseat (Avicii v. New Boyz v. Gaga)’


Download ‘Flo Rida – Good Feeling’


One response to “3 Levels of Avicii

  1. Definitely 3LAU’s

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