Yoni | And Now We Dance [Mixtape]

Yoni should be no stranger to you guys after we posted his amazing party mash up ‘One More Yeah’, and ‘Dance with Love to the Dynamite‘ which both that hits song from now and put them over club/house tracks.  He now releases his full mixtape which includes these songs as well as 10 more that include samples from deadmau5, Duck Sauce, Stromae and more so you know it will be an album ready for you to take the dance shoes out for.   Enjoy!

Download ‘Yoni | And Now We Dance [Mixtape]’

Yoni – Forever in Barra


Yoni – Some Chords with No Hands


Yoni – The Hustler is Here (Remode)


2 responses to “Yoni | And Now We Dance [Mixtape]

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