Keegan DeWitt | Thunder Clatter

Thunder Clatter (Daytrotter Barnstormer Memory Montage) from Keegan DeWitt on Vimeo.

For this week’s Tuesday Trot we wont be giving you a session from Daytrotter, but instead a here is a Barnstromer Exclusive that we got a month or so ago when I saw Keegan DeWitt at a the Barnstormer show in Dexter, MI.  At this show he performed a great new song called ‘Thunder Clatter’ which is a very catchy track a great vocals and a nice upbeat instrumental.  I really love the guitar riff in this song and really got everyone dancing at the show.  Be sure to grab BOTH of Keegan’s actual Daytrotter sessions HERE if you missed them when we posted it, and here is a great track to give you a feel of how he sounds in the studio… Enjoy and check out the video which is made from clips from the Barnstormer Tour!

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