Tuesday Trot | Sondre Lerche

Sondre Lerche is another artist we had the pleasure of seeing at the Barnstormer Show. This indie-pop-playing Norwegian native is particularly known for his 80’s, Brazilian pop, and jazz influences, and also for his big album sound His most recent album, Heart Beat Radio, is considered by many to be his boldest and best, and incorporates elements of 50s jazz, 60s and 70s psych rock, and 80’s pop. Luckily enough, his second Daytrotter session covers four songs from that album. Enjoy.

Heart Beat Radio [audio http://ge.tt/4wbmjBO/02%20Heart%20Beat%20Radio.mp3?type=download]

Dead Passengers [audio http://ge.tt/4wbmjBO/03%20Dead%20Passengers.mp3?type=download]

Daytrotter Session 1 | Sondre Lerche
Daytrotter Session 2 | Sondre Lerche


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