Tuesday Trot | Keegan DeWitt

Last Thursday Keegan DeWitt gave a face-melting live performance at the Dexter, MI stop on Daytrotter’s Barnstormer 4 tour. Fortunately, a2unes was on site to have our faces melted. DeWitt hails from Nashville, and both the sessions laid down at Daytrotter, while more relaxed than the live show, showcase his songwriting chops. He is a bit of a soft rock, indie, folk, pop amalgamation that is more than worth worth checking out. We’d also like to note how wonderfully out of the ordinary the Daytrotter show turned out to be. Daytrotter staff who made the show possible, awesome man who lent his barn, and friendly bands that endured our post-show chatting, please accept our appreciative shout out.

Say La Lahttp://ge.tt/7x4Me4n/02%20Say%20La%20La.mp3?type=download

Hearts Beat Loud http://ge.tt/7x4Me4n/05%20Hearts%20Beat%20Loud.mp3?type=download

Daytrotter Session 1 | Keegan DeWitt
Daytrotter Session 2 | Keegan DeWitt


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