Tuesday Trot | The Romany Rye

Sincere apologies for putting this up so late. Better late than never I suppose. I’ll keep it short: These indie folk rockers are special. You really just need to check ’em out for yourself. The set on Daytrotter is one of the best I have heard so far. Even Kings of Leon said this was a band you should keep an eye on; and everyone knows you can’t argue with Grammy award winners. Listen to a bit below and scoot on over to Daytrotter for the download.

Dear Holly http://ge.tt/64rIJpo/03%20Dear%20Holly.mp3?type=download

Long Way Down http://ge.tt/64rIJpo/04%20Long%20Way%20Down.mp3?type=download

Download Daytrotter | The Romany Rye


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