James Vincent McMorrow | We Don’t Eat (Adventure Club Dubstep)

I know it’s only Tuesday but I heard this dubstep and couldn’t wait a day to put it up. It’s an Adventure Club Dubstep Remix of the song ‘We Don’t Eat’ by James Vincent McMorrow. For the first time in a while someone has done a solid dub remix over a male vocal instead of a female (cough cough Ellie Goulding). The wait was worth it for me because this one is a jam, I really like the original but the dubstep just takes it to another level, giving it a unique feel that will be different for each person who listens. I really enjoyed this one so enjoy!

Download: ‘We Don’t Eat (Adventure Club Dubstep) | James Vincent McMorrow


One response to “James Vincent McMorrow | We Don’t Eat (Adventure Club Dubstep)

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