Big Sean x Chiddy Bang | Too Fake [Captured by Kings Dub Remix]

To echo Zidney — I know it’s not time for whomp wednesday yet, but I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it. The blogosphere is going somewhat b-a-n-a-n-a-s over this one, and it is completely justified. Sean and Chiddy’s slick verses, the electro pop groove, and Rod Stewart sounding hook on “Too Fake” made it easily my favorite jam off Finally Famous Vol. 3 when it first dropped. And now…dubstep?! In all seriousness, Captured by Kings do great things on this track; they do just enough tweaking to mix things up but omit the boring bits that are part of the package for many dubstep remixes (lengthy uninterrupted womp, stock build ups, 57 minute outros, etc). The song still speaks for itself, we just get to see it (hear it?) through a new lens. Enjoy!


Download Big Sean feat Chiddy | “Too Fake [Captured by Kings Dub Remix]”


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