Tuesday Trot | Amos Lee

This past August Amos Lee visited Daytrotter and unloaded six of his well-founded tracks, all of which were off of his third studio release Last Days at the Lodge (also his second most recent release). The Philadelphia singer-songwriter is known for his blending of multiple styles, but his folk brand shines the brightest in this set. Amos recently played a show in A2unes home of Ann Arbor, and by all accounts utterly killed it over at the Ark. Forgive me for going so local on this one, but Daytrotter also has a brief midwestern tour dubbed Barnstormer, and the third night is on April 28th in Dexter. You know — just up the road and all that. You should probably go, show is so close! OK, that’s it. For Amos, preview a few tracks below, click the jump to download, and enjoy!

Better Days [audio http://ge.tt/75dOyqB/04%20Better%20Days.mp3?type=download]

Street Corner Preacher [audio http://ge.tt/75dOyqB/07%20Street%20Corner%20Preacher.mp3?type=download]

Download Daytrotter | Amos Lee


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