Pogo | Joburg Jam

Okay… Just to start off, Pogo is the man!  The guy from Perth that has been making music from clips of movies such as Hook!, Alice In Wonderland, Toy Story, and UP! is now taking on the world.  In a project he calls ‘World Remix’ he will be traveling around the world with a camera and a microphone and capturing sounds from the culture and doing what he does best and turns it into a great piece of music.  Here is what he came up with from Johannesburg and recently raised enough money to travel to Tibet to start his next song.  With this project he hopes to show case cultures from all around the world and I personally can’t wait to see/hear what he creates next.  Please purchase his song to help fund the next one or feel free to just donate through Kick Starter.  Enjoy!

Click to read more about the project

Click to Donate

Click to purchase the mp3 or video


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