For those that don’t know, KiD CuDi’s next album will be a rock album called Wizard… ya… remember how that worked out for Wayne? I personally think that CuDi will have a better chance of pulling it off so am pseudo-excited for it… but for everyone that fell in love with his rap, he will be releasing a free mixtape called ‘A CiD named Scott’ this summer before the release of Wizard.  This weekend he released the first song off this mixtape called CAPCOM! which is a little darker and has a lot of singing.. maybe he in ‘Wizard-mode’ already?  Hopefully this mixtape is as good as A KiD  Named CuDi which i could easily argue is CuDi’s best release to date…. we shall see…. Enjoy!

Download ‘KiD CuDi | CAPCOM!’


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