ZAK! Downtown | Stuck To The Sidewalk

As Zid said yesterday, we are big fans of ZAK! and have already posted some of our favorite tracks of his (see: Poppin’ Pills, and Give Me The World) so i figured why not just feature the whole mixtape?  Stuck to the Sidewalk is a great mixtape from start to finish that shows teh diveristy of his musical talent with songs such as the smooth hip hop song ‘Give Me The World’, to going over Take Over Control by Afrojack.  This tape is continuously changing to keep you on your toes as you listen and to keep you entertains the whole way.  I really became a fan of ZAK! when I got to see him in concert last month and any of you in the area can catch him again as he opens for Lupe Fiasco tonight at Hill Auditorium…. if you don’t have tickets like me (ZAK!  sneak me in the back?) you might have to just enjoy his music from the safety of your own home or car… but if you are lucky enough to see Lupe tonight be sure to get there early to catch another great performance from ZAK!   read more the stream the whole album but just get the whole thing below… Enjoy!

Kiss Me Goodnight

Take Over Control (ft. Eva Simons) [Afrojack Remix]

So Long (ft. Matt Speno)

Download ‘ZAK! Downtown | Stuck To The Sidewalk’


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