Joe Reynolds x Jack Kennedy | Open Your Eyes

This post is one of the more interesting one’s I’ve put on in a while. It’s by the duo of Joe Reynolds and Jack Kennedy who both happen to play football for the University of Michigan that both Haas and I were lucky enough to graduate from. Much like Loggy, who plays for Cal, these guys are pretty impressive (although not as finished of a product as Loggy) and what makes it even more impressive is that they basically have a full time job while trying to be college students. I’d heard of Jack Kennedy when we used to blast ‘Lost Love’ Senior year on Hoover Street but now with the addition of Joe Reynolds and his Bruno Mars-like sound they’ve really formed a nice duo. This is their original ‘Open Your Eyes’ which has a great sound to it despite the fact that it wasn’t produced by a professional. This is truly music at its finest, just two guys doing music because they love it (remind you of anyone….with a website…. cough cough). Anyway, give’m a listen and if you like it, Like’m! Enjoy!

Download: Open Your Eyes | Joe Reynolds x Jack Kennedy


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