The Cataracs x Dev | Sunrise

It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything from The Cataracs so I was quite excited to spot their new song ‘Sunrise’ on Benzi’s latest Mixtape.  I’ve liked them ever since they released their mixtape ‘I Though they were black?!.’ Now this song doesn’t really match the uptempo and catchy beats that they had on the mixtape. However, this song has a good feel to it and is a perfect exhibit of music painting a picture. This song actually has the distinct feel of a sunrise. From the upbeat start to the slow middle building into the finish, the song feels to me like most of the sunrises I’ve seen… a party that leads to someone saying ‘Lets stay up to see the sunrise!’ then there’s the period after the party where you’re falling asleep, leading up to the excitement that accompanies the sky starting to light up and the sun fiiiinally rising. This song isn’t one that you’ll hear on the radio but you’ll find yourself understanding what I mean about it the next time you stay up and watch the ‘Sunrise.’ Enjoy!

Download: ‘Sunrise’ | The Cataracs x Dev


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