St. Patty’s Day | Boondock Saint’s Theme Song

Happy St. Patty’s Day everyone… hope you’re all getting absolutely hammered while I count down the hours till I’m off work and can do the same! Here’s a song to get you started off right, as I wake up and you start chugging beers. Boondocks Saints Theme Song.. enough said. This song was on repeat for about 3 hours my sophomore year while playing quarters in a beatdown college house. From that to having a pool and passing out at 8 pm junior year, to staying up all night the night before for Haas’ bday then rallying and staying up from 6AM-4AM for St. Patty’s, the holiday has never disappointed. Here’s to hoping my first ‘adult’ one will be a blast also. I know I’ll be blasting this while drinking some carbombs and some black and tans. Enjoy and make sure you wear your green!!!


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