Atmosphere x Prof x Felipe Cuauhtli x Gene Poole | Minnesota Nice

I know this is late for anyone that was interested in going to the ‘Welcome to Minnesota’ tour… but its still a solid song.  in honor of the tour that was back in Feb (sorry guys) Atmosphere released’Minnesota Nice’ to showcase a few of the other acts on this tour including Prof, Felipe Cuauhtli, & Gene Poole.  Since those shows are sll done with I will release this as  showcasing Atmopshere in order to hype thier next album, The Family Sign which comes out April 12th.   From what I have heard so far this album is going to be yet another AMAZING album from Atmosphere so get hype!  Grab the track below and hit the jump to see the first two episodes of Group Therapy with Atmosphere (each with exclusive clips of songs off the album).  Enjoy!





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