Tuesday Trot | Dom

Dom is the band’s name. Dom is the lead singer’s name. Dom is…pretty awesome. This group hails from Massachusetts and they dish out some great throw-back-synthy rock during their time at the Daytrotter studio. They feel a bit like a cross between new-age blues rockers The Blue Van and synth rock act New Young Pony Club, but with more sarcasm than both. Listening to Dom makes you feel a bit like you are in a garage, but a fun garage where everyone is happy to be there and enjoying the music, not bummed about the fact that they are in a garage. But I’ll let ya’ll make the call. The write-up over at Daytrotter is spot-on as always, a few tracks can be previewed below, and four in total can be downloaded for free at Daytrotter — just follow the jump.

Living in America
[audio http://ge.tt/22uOkJB/04%20Living%20In%20America.mp3?type=download]
Rude As Jude[audio http://ge.tt/22uOkJB/05%20Rude%20As%20Jude.mp3?type=download]

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