Theo Martins | Take Me Home Tonight

Uhhhh so I thought I was going to dislike this one — cause I see Eddie Money’s “Take Me Home Tonight” as a pretty worn out sample — but this song kills it. The number has fine production, the sample doesn’t dominate the track, theelectro beat is fun, and Theo Martins is more than respectable on the verses. It is a certain party jam; and fortunately, it is fairly representative of the Theo’s March 10th release: Sincerely Yours, the Dance Floor. The album brings dubstep, hip hop, electronic, and funk to the mix, as well as production from Kris Fame, Paul Cantor, and Vodka and Milk. We wrote about that here. While the mixtape does not include this song, they both do the same job in the end: they make you want to dance. Peep this track below, follow the jump to grab it, and have a great evening.

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