Mike Posner x Audiodax | Cheated (Dubstep Remix)

Like Haas mentioned earlier in the week, we’ve been posting a lot of remixes to Mike Posner’s latest album , but I couldn’t resist on this version of Mike’s song ‘Cheated.’ Audiodax takes it and adds a nice verse himself and them throws in a little dubstep remix which gets a little wild at the end. But more than what the music sounds like, music tells a story that each of us can personally identify with and this song is no different for me. I’ll be honest, as I listen to this song over and over I find myself singing along to the words with a little more emphasis and most of you guys probably know why. As we begin to post more and more music you guys are beginning to see a little bit of our personalities come out not only in what we’re posting but in what we say. Like I mentioned earlier, certain songs have certain meanings to each of us that we associate with memories, and while I may like a song, you may like it 1000x more because it actually means something to you. Not only do I think you guys will like this song, but to me it means something, so there’s your case and point. Now I’ll let you guys listen and tell me what you think. As always, enjoy!

Download: ‘Cheated (Dubstep Remix)’ | Mike Posner x Audiodax


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