BENZI | Moodswing360 x Oakley | SXSW Mixtape

Just like Zid said in the last post it is the weekend and around here we call the weekend before St. Patrick’s Day, St. Practice Day because for those that are “out of shape” from midterms, they need to practice (with a good amount of drinking) in order to get their tolerance ready for the Real Deal on teh 17th.  Anyone that has been tuning into A2unes for awhile now should be no stranger to Benzi and the amazing party mixes he makes (’10 Summer, ’09 Summer, ’10 St Patties).  A few days ago he releaased his latest, 30 track, contimuous party mix called the SXSW Mixtape and it holds true to his other 3 tapes.  This one starts off strong with songs from The Cataracs, LMFAO, and Far East Movement and then kinda dies down in the middle and pickes up up for a banging endign with mixes to Kelley James, Cisco Adler, Shwayze, Martin Solveig & Dragonette and Mike Posner.  Real solid hour of music so you cna stream it all below, hit the jump for the tracklist and jsut DL the whole thing and play at your next party! Enjoy!

TRACKED OUT VERSION(30 tracks with artwork)
IPOD PARTY VERSION(1 big mp3 with tracklisting embedded)


2 responses to “BENZI | Moodswing360 x Oakley | SXSW Mixtape

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