Whomp Wednesday | Plummet | Damaged (Blinding Lights Remix)

It seems that the majority of the solid remixes have female vocals on them (such as Ellie Goulding for Whomp Wednesdays) and this one is no exception with Blinding Lights doing a remix of ‘Damaged’ by Plummet. They did a great job adding in a beat that can be classified as whomp but is much softer in my opinion. It’s very enjoyable to listen and has a little bit more of a chill feel but at the same time maintains the catchiness of the original. From start to finish it throws curveballs at you with the beat, changing the feel of the song occasionally but maintaining its quality and keeping the listener interested the whole time. Really fun to listen to. Enjoy!

Download: ‘Damaged (Blinding Lights Remix)’ | Plummet


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