The Killers | When You Were Young (The Soundmen Remix)

I remember back when I was in college and we used to absolutely be obsessed with guitar hero to the point that one of our housemates would sneak off ‘to the bathroom’ to practice so he could get as good as us. Unfortunately for him he never did, but one of the songs that was played over and over was ‘When You Were Young’ by the Killers, so when I heard this Soundmen Remix over at SATS I immediately fell in love with it. Soundmen did a good job picking up the tempo and adding some electro in it while maintaining the best and catchiest parts of the original without diluting them too much. They really did a fantastic job with it… maybe this version will be on DJ hero and we can watch our housemate sneak off to practice on there hah. Enjoy!

Download: ‘When You Were Young (Soundmen Remix)’ | The Killers


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