The Dean’s List | accepted EP

Back in April of ’10 we compiled a list of 9 songs that The Dean’s List had released to give everyone a taste of this brand new group and what they were all about.  Now about a year later they have released ‘Undeclared’ as well as their latest tape, ‘The Drive In’.  Rightfully so, The Drive In has really brought them to the top of the college music scene and have quickly gained a whole new following of faithful fans.  Any reader of A2unes (or pretty much any blog out there) will be well versed on The Drive In, but what about the songs that got them here? That is why I decided to contact DJ Mendoza and re-release the ‘accepted EP’ to give you the rest of their songs and complete your Dean’s List collection.  I have taken the original tracklist and removed any songs that were included on Undeclared and added all the tracks that haven’t made the cut for their two mixtapes, leaving us with a very solid, 5 track sampler.  On this tape we have the song that made me get hooked on The Dean’s List, called Valley Girl where they re-work The Script’s hit single ‘Breakeven’.  On top of that, some other notable tracks are College Girls (ft. Jordan Brown) and PlayGround which are very catchy, but grab all 5 tracks because they all are great in their own way.  Get the whole mixtape and see how this highly talented group has grown to that what they are today as well as experience the raw talent they had since day one.  Also be sure to grab Undeclared and The Drive In, which are both located under our favorite mixtapes.  Enjoy!

Download ‘The Dean’s List | accepted EP’

Download ‘The Dean’s List | accepted EP’


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