Theo Martins x Starf*cker | Final Fantasy

I just have to start this post with saying that Theo Martins is quickly becoming one of my favorite up and comers and is just releasing hit after hit.  Recently he released some verses over the Passion Pit Remix to Grenade by Bruno Mars, and now here is the first single called Final Fantasy from his upcoming project due out on March 10th.  This song is high in energy, real fun to listen to, and features a sample from Starf*cker’s latest single ‘Biggie Smalls’ giving it a more indie sound than Theo’s release yesterday, Take Me Home Tonight.  Check out the video above, the download below, and head over to GoodMusicAllDay for’ Take Me Home Tonight’ which features Eddie Money’s song of the same name…. Sincerely Yours, The Dance Floor due out on March 10th!  Enjoy!


2 responses to “Theo Martins x Starf*cker | Final Fantasy

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