Remix Artist Collective | RAC VOL 2

2 years after the release of RAC VOL 1.. here is the latest from the Remix Artist Collective.. simply called RAC VOL 2.   Yes, they have released plenty of solo remixes, and even RAC VOL 1.5… but you can tell they took their time with this one… Truthfully, of all the artists they remixed I only knew of Phoenix.. but I love every song on this.. that is the gift that RAC possesses.  Taking songs from Delorean, Surfer Blood, André Allen Anjos, Suckers, Washed Out, Andrew Maury, Ruby Coast, and Phantogram they create an album that is full on intriguing sounds that keep you entertained from start to finish… full of synth, guitar, and other electro sounds this is just about what you would expect from RAC…. pure indie perfection… 2 of my favorites below and continue reading to stream the whole album… ENJOY!

Surfer Blood – Take It Easy (RAC Maury Mix)

Phoenix – Armistice (RAC Mix)

Download ‘Remix Artist Collective | RAC Vol 2’


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