Mike Posner x Big Sean | Cooler Than Me

Okay, I just wanted to get my story straight…  Lately I have been posting remixes to tracks from Mike Posner’s latest album ’31 Minutes To Takeoff’ and saying how much better the remixes are and that I am disspointed in this album… and I will stand by that, but its not because its a horrible album or anytinhg… I just had SUCH high expectations of what he could have done (and can still do as seen by the Adele Remake) because of his first 2 mixtapes that were nearly flawless in my mind.  Ironically the song that made me fall in love with Posner was also ‘Cooler Than Me’, which is probably the same song most of you heard first from Mr. Posner.. but trust me, they were not the same song.  What you hear on the radio now is just an over produced, radio hit that was changed for only one reason.. to get more radio play.  When I got the song back in February of 2009 it was driven by an acoustic guitar, a smooth beat that really accented his vocals and a Big Sean verse…. Ya… Why the hell was this dropped?!  In my opinion, Mike can hold his own on some tracks, but the majority of them sound fuller when a solid verse was added by Big Sean or Freddie Gibbs.  Sorry about that rant but please listen to the original ‘Cooler Than Me’ and let Posner know that this is what we want… I know he has it in him because he filled up 2 mixtapes with quality music, and if you need more proof ‘continue reading’ for some more great songs from Posner’s 2009 release ‘A Matter of Time‘.  ENJOY!

Download ‘Mike Posner x Big Sean | Cooler Than Me’

The Best of ‘Matter of Time’

Mike Posner – Who Knows (feat. Big Sean)

Mike Posner – Drug Dealer Girl

Mike Posner – Still Not Over You (ft. Eric Hölljes)


2 responses to “Mike Posner x Big Sean | Cooler Than Me

  1. I love Mike’s debut album. My favorite is “Bow Chicka Wow Wow”. But I love the album from start to finish. No skipping. I love everything he’s ever done. Mike’s releasing another mixtape with Big Sean and I think one of his own. That’s what he seemed to have made everyone think in a Live Stream recently while in Australia. He’s been putting in a lot of hours in the studio. With Wiz Khalifa, David Guetta, Big Sean, Labrinth, maybe Mac Miller since they’ve been in touch. He was in the studio with Machine Gun Kelly too, but I’m not sure if they recorded anything.

  2. hey! i’ve been lookin for this one version of cooler than me. it has big sean in it. it uses this lyrics, too. it also has the same acoustic guitar. but it’s backed up by real drums, not midi. it has a pretty laidback feel to it. do you know what version it is? coz i can’t find it. hit me back. thx.

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